Our Story

Our story begins on February 19, 2010. The day my husband and I decide it is time for me to take a pregnancy test. I was almost a week late, and seriously doubting the promises birth control pills offered.

Before I plunge ahead with the results and rest of our story a little background about me and my family would help. My mother always joked with me that I was born with an agenda, I have since birth been organized and a big planner. My husband and I married in 2004, bought our first home right away and shortly after our first anniversary were expecting our first born. Diana was born in April 2006, Amy followed almost exactly 2 years on her tail in May of 2008. My husband and I enjoyed being on top of things and knowing how our life was going. In the fall of 2009 my husband and I started to discuss where we thought our family was going. We both felt that we were done having children that it seemed logical to stay a family of four. We did still feel that since we were under 30 each that we did not need to go out and do anything drastic like surgeries. I had of course been on the birth control pill and we felt that it was working. So we went ahead with our plans of being done having more kids and started making our plans for our family of four.

I’ve heard before though if you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans. Which takes us back again to February 19, 2010. Positive. My husband says something like cool. All I can think of is “OK this is a good thing we should be happy, babies are wonderful!” but I’m also terrified inside. We had 2 new vehicles one barely off the lot, the other a year old which now were going to be an issue since we may not fit 3 kids in the back. We had also decided to slim down all our baby stuff to only a few basics.

After a few moments of panic and coming to our new reality we forge ahead with our new plans. Family of 5 here we come. Our families were so excited for us and could not wait for a new baby in our family. Soon we had settled into our new plans and life, doing research about fitting 3 in our cars backseat, how we would fit 3 kids growing up in our home (A 4 level split thats upper and main floor totalled just over 1000 sq ft) and what we needed to do before the baby arrived. We also decided that we wanted to find out the sex this time to again help us better prepare.

Fast forward now to May 25, 2010 – Ultrasound day 19 weeks along. My mom has flown in from Ontario for the special event and Dave’s mom is coming as well. So we all pile in our little car and head off. Our tech is a family friend and she takes me in and does her thing.  Time keeps ticking by and I think to myself I don’t remember it taking this long before. I trust our tech and keep waiting. After about 30 minutes of scanning she tells me she needs me to go to the washroom to help bring baby down. I go and come back, lay down and off she goes again scanning around. Another 15 minutes or so pass by during which we have started chatting. She lets me know that she is going to show me something and write some stuff down before calling everyone in since I was alone. Nothing out of the ordinary as she usually labels a few body parts etc for us. The monitor is turned towards me and I look she proceeds to say “Over here we have Right Twin Boy A, and this is Left Twin B, I don’t know the sex yet.” My mind whirls, TWINS! Did she just say twins or something that sounds like twins and is another medical term and does not meaning you’re having two babies. I really look this time and right there in front of me are two pictures one of each of my babies. She rushes into the hall and calls the family down. I really don’t even have time to compose myself. I am getting teary and not sure what to think. David notices the tissue in my hands and he is thinking to himself yes I am finally getting a boy. Our tech then proceeds to tell them what she just told me. The room explodes in gasps and shock followed by happy cries and chatter over it being Twins. After some scanning around we find out they are both boys. We finally finish up and leave together. Cell phones are being brought out and the calls start flowing. We decide to gather back at our house for a celebration.

So here we are September 1st, 2010 and into the last weeks of this journey before our boys arrive. We have since the ultrasound worked very hard at adjusting our plans from Family of 5 to now Family of 6. Over the last few months I have been reading everything I can get my hands on about twins, talking to people and surfing the internet. Which brings me to my new blog. While I can find out lots of information on raising twins, twin pregnancies and general information I am having a hard time finding peoples personal experiences, tips and advice on having twins and raising a bigger family. So I decided to write about my own, if I’m having trouble finding information then others are as well. I want my blog to provide families with information they can use for their own families whether it be for twins, or just how to manage a bigger family. My husband and I are simple people living on one income and are working hard to make what we have work. I hope that through our own experiences others can find comfort in this. That bigger isn’t always better, unless it is more babies. Also how to be frugal and live life without creating more debt or feeling like you have to spend your whole life working to provide everything your family wants to be happy. Life is full of surprises and we all need to learn to go with the flow and keep things simple.

From our happy family to yours,

Heather Eyestone

Have a question or a topic you would like more information on. Leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to help provide you with the answers you need!


About heathereyestone

I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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