Be Prepared!

Recently I thought I was going into labour with our twins and after being at the hospital found out I wasn’t but since I was dilated enough to be admitted and carrying twins I had to spend 5 days there. Which is also the reason why I haven’t been on here to write anything for the last week. I learned a lot being in the hospital for those 5 days. Being a Girl Guide I’ve always followed our motto of Be Prepared. So at 30 weeks along I did as I was told and packed my bags according to the list I was given.

The only flaw in this plan was that everything on the list I was given and told to have ready early was with the intention of me leaving the hospital with babies and giving birth. Most of what I had in my bag wasn’t going to work while I was still pregnant. Since being home I have modified a few things so that should this happen again at least I am ready to stay a day or two again while pregnant and I’m also still ready if I do have the babies and need those items as well.

I am finding it sometimes doesn’t matter how prepared you are for what life gives you there is always something left out or forgotten. For those mammas reading this and needing to have a hospital bag packed here are a few things I found would have really helped me out.

–  A change of clothes that you can wear while pregnant still along with your going home outfit.

– A few changes of underpants that fit while pregnant.

– Panty liners (In the event you need to make a few pairs of underpants stay fresh longer)

– A puzzle book (For entertainment until someone can bring you a few other items)

– Sample sized toiletries to cover your whole face/body care needs (I somehow forgot Shampoo)

– A razor

Those are  a few things I found missing from the list or when it came to items like toiletries it was very vague. When you only think you are spending a night or two you don’t pack some things or figure you can make do.

It is hard to be fully prepared for anything but when it comes to babies I think you need to be ready for both options and not many people usually think of the fact that they may go in and stay for a bit without babies. I did run into several nice gals where that happened to them and in their cases they have to stay for weeks and will not be allowed to leave until their babies are born. So make sure you are considering all options of hospital care while pregnant not just your bags. Make sure you are ready to be stay in a hospital that could be in another city or province of your own depending on the level of care you may require. It isn’t fun to think of scenarios where you will be taken away from your home but it can happen easily to anyone. I was fortunate that I live close enough to our hospital which also happens to have some of the highest level of care in Alberta so I was able to be sent home because I could get back just as quickly. I met ladies where one lived only an hour away but she has been kept for 60 days now and still has another 2 weeks before she will have her baby, and the other lived in the Northwest Territories and is having to wait to leave until after her baby is born too.

Be Prepared for anything is all I can say. You may not ever have to worry but you may find yourself in a situation you never imagined either.

From our Happy Family to Yours!

Heather Eyestone


About heathereyestone

I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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One Response to Be Prepared!

  1. pam pirie says:

    thanks for the tip there are a few things on there that may come in handy for me when the time comes!!

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