Loving it or Listing it?

Everyone often has thoughts of their current home situation and how it fits their needs. Is my home big enough? Can I do some easy renovations to make it work better? Is it just time to buy a new home? As with many people coming across a major life event we have been back and forth on this like a teeter totter. Many days I think how are we all going to fit in this home for years to come should we just buy a bigger home? Can we afford a bigger home? What can we do with our current home to make it work for us.

As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs we live in a modest 1000ish sq ft home, that is a 4 level split. It was a great idea at the time when we were only thinking of it being a starter home. Now we face the challenge of either making it work or finding something else. Thankfully we do still figure we have a couple of years before that all happens. Our twin boys won’t take up too much space and will share a room as our girls do already. I know a 4 level split does sound roomy and we do have decent space, the only issue for us is our basement which is completely underground and has no windows. It really does create an area of dead space which we currently use for laundry and storage. We go back and forth on our ideas all the time. Hopefully one day we will know exactly what to do. Until then we have been working hard to reorganize what we have and trying to make things work as they are.

You may very well be in the same situation yourself right now. Here are a few things that we have been using to make our decisions as we go or to help us along until we have to make the love it or list it choice.

Really examine your home. Can some problems be easily solved by better storage areas in your home. Make sure to think as vertical as possible. The higher up your walls you work with the more space you can create. Look at under storage that can be built under your stairs.

Take a look at your furniture as well. Do you have too much? Are your pieces too big? Can you open up a whole new room by getting a hide a bed instead of keeping a guest room? For those few days or couple of weeks a year you may have company is it worth taking up a whole room.

Look at the items you are holding onto just because. As I mentioned in Simplify Simplify Simplify clearing out some of that much-needed clutter can open up a little more space as well. Along these lines as well evaluate your kids toys and needs. I’m not saying toss everything and be a Scrooge at Christmas but maybe look at cutting back on what you give your kids and asking family to put money towards education as well. We usually hold on to any money our kids get for those change of seasons when we will need a few new clothes. As our kids get older we do plan to teach them how to manage their money and spend it wisely or save it for that special something later on.

Depending on how soon you need to make the decision to stay in your home or go make sure to check out the real estate market in your area. If housing prices are fair and for the amount of money you might have been willing to invest in your home for a renovation you can buy a bigger home it might be worth moving. If prices are too high and some simple renovations around the home like finishing a basement or adding another bedroom somewhere might be cheaper in the long run. I love watching the TV show Love it or List it right now, as it does inspire me that we can make our home work with some changes. Home renovation shows on TV can be a big inspiration. Check out your local listings for shows that may appeal to your needs. Also check out those shows online, you may find links to websites that could be helpful. Your local library is also be a good source of information, you might find books on home design and magazines.

Kids do not need to have their own rooms. That is why we have bunk beds. Now not all the time does this work out, but for a few years while they are young it can be the perfect solution. I do know that we will most likely have to separate our girls at some point, I have a sister and I know what the teen years can bring for girls. But while our girls are young they are happy being together. Many of the families I know that are large and having their kids share as well agree that a bedroom is simply a place to sleep and get dressed. We don’t worry about trying to keep all their toys in their rooms. We have a family room for that, plus it has them learning to clean up every day since mom and dad do not want to sit around at night with toys everywhere. Which is another perk for mom and dad.

Buying and selling a home is a big decision and it can be a costly one too. Make sure to check out all your options. Talk to friends about why they bought their own homes, or friends with large families that are content to stay in a smaller home to see what they are doing to make things work. Way back when most kids had to share their room with 2 or 3 siblings some times, and houses were not as big as they are today. Make sure though with whatever decision you make it is one you are happy with, no one wants to live in a cramped home with cranky people.

From our Happy Family to Yours.

Heather Eyestone


About heathereyestone

I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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2 Responses to Loving it or Listing it?

  1. Krista says:

    I always thought that bedrooms were for sleeping, getting dressed and reading too. Who wants to have a bedroom full of toys that you won’t be able to even get into! We’ve been trying a new thing with Alexa for the last month. We made her the “captain” of the basement. She is in charge of cleaning up the toys, putting the pillows back on the couch and even taking the handhell vacuum and vacuuming the crumbs up. If she does it everyday of the week then on Sunday she gets $1.00 for her piggy bank. It’s been working really well and my basement has never been cleaner! It’s pretty cheap labour cost! I think that making her incharge of something has made her feel important and responsible for something. And we never have to hound her to do it. It’s a miracle!
    I always laugh when people have more kids and they decide they “need” a bigger house, when their house is big already. Their kid’s rooms are as big as my master bedroom! I think that people tend to forget that 40 years ago people had to share a room with all their siblings and that there were bunkbeds that were 3 beds high! Just to get them all in there.

  2. Heather says:

    So funny! We are going through this EXACT same thing at the moment. Do we list or do we revamp? I’m revamping. Not only is there all the added expense of moving besides Realtor fees, the time involved to actually pack, view homes and show your own home is so stressful! I’d rather start selling stuff on Kijiji to open up the space we do have.

    I’m rearranging rooms, cutting out things I ‘thought’ I need (including an office, which makes me a little sad in a sense but I’m excited to turn the room into something else), and clearing out! If my Nan can raise 14 kids in a home that is a 1/2 the size of mine with only 2 bedrooms to split between the kids, then sure as heck I can make my home work!

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