Our Birth Story

October 5th, 2010 – The birth of our beautiful twin boys.

I was set for an induction today but did not end up getting a phone call in the morning like I had thought but went into labor instead. This is our story of how it all happened so quickly!

7:00am – I was woken up by one of our girls getting up and found myself rather hungry anyways so I figured I’d get up and get something to eat anyways. The sleep during the night had been rather restless for myself as I anticipated having an induction.

7:30am – I had been sitting in my rocker for a little dozing and waiting, when the phone rings. It’s David calling from work to see how things are going and if I had heard anything yet. It made me jump. I tell him no and that I was feeling fine to just come home so he can shower and be ready if they do call.

8:00am there about – I had been feeling a little off but nothing I would deem as the start of labor since my body has not been feeling normal for the last few weeks. By now I’ve had a contraction and a strong one and now another odd strong one. I feel like it was when Diana’s labor started and I’ve got to go to the washroom. My mom is all worried and not sure who to call, David, Sarah or 911. I’m not that worried but I suggest she calls Sarah so that she can come get me and we can go to the hospital. After I use the washroom I tell her I’m calling David. By now is it 8:10am and Sarah is on her way so I just wait.

8:10 – 8:30 – Ok so this is feeling like the longest time in my life just waiting to go. The contractions are strong and frequent but not regular. My mom is very worried. So just before 8:30 we have her call Sarah’s house back to be sure she is on her way and turns out she should be just pulling up. My mom helps me get ready for the car, insists that if anything happens on the way we call 911. I agree with her and we are off.

Drive to the Royal Alec – Thankfully the traffic is smooth and we don’t get caught up in construction, traffic or red lights. Sarah and I talk a little between contractions, now about 5min apart regularly and lasting for about a minute or more. I tell her I’m not going to leave the hospital without a baby that no matter what I’m having these boys today whether they like it or not. I’m not too worried, I figure it is all starting just like the girls and we are going to be doing this all day.

9:00am – We arrive at the hospital and Sarah brings me around to the front door and I’m going to head up while she finds parking. As I’m moving into the lobby, the contractions keep coming and I’m bent over, 2 nurses get off the elevator and see me hobbling around. They tell me to breath and ask if I want help, I nod and they grab me a chair and wheel me right up to the Assessment and Induction room. On the way I tell them I’m 38 weeks with twins and was set for an induction. The Labor and Assessment take one look at me hear twins and say to take me right to Labor and Delivery. They see I’m uncomfortable at the desk and get me a room right away, I mention my mom called ahead and they know. I’m taken to my room and told to put a gown on, David walks in I see him and feel relief. He tells me they need him for some information but he’ll be back. He feels no rush but I’m starting to feel something change in my body. As I attempt to get the gown on I’m trying to go to the washroom and realizing its not what my body wants, I keep thinking it’s all happening to fast I shouldn’t feel like I need to push yet. David comes back and I tell him to go get a nurse I feel like I need to push. He isn’t in a rush again (so he tells me afterwards) waits for the nurses to come see me as I feel like I’m needing to push. He tells them he’s not sure since I’m the one who has done this twice already and not him. They come. I’m now telling him its all happening to fast, I keep repeating this. Both of us in the back of our minds are thinking we can’t be in transition already. They manage to get me up on the table to put monitors on and they want to check my cervix.

9:10 – I manage to relax a little to tell them they can check and the resident tells a nurse I’m fully and bulging. I hear and say fully as in? Dr Pin says dilated. I’m in shock again, still repeating it is all happening too fast. By now Sarah has also joined us again in the room. David said at that point when they see how far my body has progressed the walls practically open up and swarms of nurses and Dr’s are racing in the room. I ask about an epidural because it was part of our plan in case anything happen to B so I could be awake if I needed a section. I’m told yes that is fine. But now I’m also shouting I need to push and it’s happening to fast. My waters burst and now I can feel Baby A on his way down. I mention the epidural again and I’m told sharply that not to think about it now and to focus, relax and keep breathing.

David is holding my hand and Sarah is beside/behind him. I see all sorts of Dr’s and nurses around and I finally start to listen since Baby A is starting to crown and I realize no matter what we had planned it is happening and I’m going to have my baby any moment now.

9:23am – David Patrick Eyestone arrives with a cry into the world. I’m briefly shown him and then he is whisked off to the heat bed to be cleaned and ready. David tears up for a moment. I have a moment of relief and the nurse tells me on the next contraction they are going to break the other’s water, as it comes I tell her it is starting. Now Baby B is racing to the world and I’m better prepared and focused. I try my best to listen to the Dr and push and stop as needed. I feel him slowly come out, head shoulders and body.

9:28am – Mark Dylan Eyestone has now arrived into the world. He cries too and David gets the chance to cut his cord. He is now taken to his brother and is cleaned up as well. I’m checked and amazingly no tears or anything! 1.5 hours of labor I have my two boys and it is all done.

David calls our moms and they are shocked to hear we had babies already. It isn’t long before they are getting the girls ready and planning on coming to the hospital.

David and Sarah take turns cuddling and holding the boys as I’m being finished with. It feels very surreal for me. I hold each of the boys and sit in a daze for most of the morning trying to figure out what just all happened. I didn’t think that after an 8 hour labour for Diana and 12 hours for Amy that the boys would ever be that fast. I’m thankful though it is over and I didn’t labor that long at all. The girls arrive and visit with us. Everyone is happy and excited. Today is the start of our new life together as a family. 2 girls 2 boys and happy parents.

After this experience I’m so thankful my husband was strong while I couldn’t be and my best friend Sarah was able to be there and support us through our journey as well.

From our Happy Family to Yours



About heathereyestone

I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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3 Responses to Our Birth Story

  1. Krista says:

    I just love your story Heather. You are definitely a supermomma! I’m just glad you didn’t have those babies on the way to the hospital.

  2. Kelly says:

    Amazing!! Great job Heather!! So happy everybody is healthy and happy!

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