Share your gifts and talents

Now that Halloween has passed everyone is starting to think Christmas. Soon the gift lists and endless shopping sprees will start for those who haven’t already begun this process. I myself was proactive on a few of my holiday needs. While I waited for our boys I got some Christmas Cards made, and I did get a good portion of my shopping done. But what about everything else?

Hmmm well that brings me to today’s inspiration. Sharing your gifts and talents. It seems everyone has something they are good at or on top of during the holidays. Why not find out the things your friends and family are good at and ask them to trade talents. Offer to make an extra batch of the treats you make in exchange for something a friend of yours does, Christmas Cards for example. What you trade too does not have to be something physical either, it could be a service. My husband is really keen at getting the lights on the house while it is still warm out, he could offer those services to a friend who maybe isn’t too keen on hanging lights but still wants to have some up. By helping each other out we can all look forward to those finishing touches that make the holidays special without the stress of having to do everything ourselves.

Already on top of things maybe you want to save a little money, you could do a cookie or baked good swap with a few friends. Each making one treat only, one batch or half batch for each person in the swap. Everyone ends up with a nice mixture of goodies without the expense of having to buy all sorts of different ingredients to make a single batch of each thing. One thing with this I would recommend is keep your group of swappers small, no more than 6. I did one with 3 other people last year and it worked out great. That way too you can make a treat that is maybe a little fancier rather than enough rice krispie squares for 12 people to receive a dozen items to begin with.

So start thinking of a few skills, talents, or things you excel at during the holidays and find a few like-minded friends who would love to participate and swap away. Facebook and Twitter would be a great way to find these people one quick post and you’re bound to have a few people reply right away. Just remember think outside the box if you don’t have a talent to trade. Everyone is looking for a few hours out to get some shopping done, trade babysitting. Or Offer to do someones shopping for them while you’re out doing your own. Let’s work together to make the holidays less stressful for each other 🙂  

Side note this is also great any time of the year. Trade some babysitting with a friend who makes great cakes so your little prince or princess can have the birthday cake they dream of too.

From our Happy Family to yours!

Heather Eyestone


About heathereyestone

I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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One Response to Share your gifts and talents

  1. Krista says:

    Amen, to that! I’ve always wanted to do a cookie swap but could never get one organized with my friends. If you have room and are doing one this year, I would love to join.

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