Hand me downs

Ok so for the past few days I’ve been busy sorting clothing. I have had a few friends ask me if I wanted some of their old boys clothes and of course I said Yes! When I had Diana I decided I would always accept used clothing because I knew she would grow fast and this way by getting some hand me downs I was able to save money on the new clothes I bought and also I was then able to spend a little more on some quality pieces so that I could pass down to future kids or on to someone else.

Yesterday a friend brought me 8 boxes/totes of boys clothes so I have been a busy lady getting them all sorted and put together with the other boys clothes I had been given. My husband is probably going to groan and complain now for the next few years over the boxes in the basement but I’m keeping everything labeled and mostly in a plastic tote to keep dry and safe just in case. Thankfully the girls clothing is not as plentiful as it once was as I now pass on anything Amy is done with. I only have the clothes that go from sister to sister saved up.

Something else I did with Hand me downs that was helpful is share with a friend. I have a great gal pal who has a daughter in between mine so when she needed some clothes to fill in the spaces or pajamas I’d lend her what I had until Amy was ready to use them. Also she would lend me things that her daughter no longer fit that I needed to fill in what I needed depending on season. We are also doing this with things like winter boots and other heavy duty items. It has really helped save us money by sharing clothes like this.

I’m working now at putting the boys stuff in boxes to pass on to the next mom in need of boys clothes and keeping the good deeds going forward.

Just make sure to label and really sort your boxes. You don’t want to have to resort and sift through everything a second or third time. Spend the time at the start and it will be helpful in the long run. Now I’m going to haul all these boxes down to our basement before hubby gets home from work today!

From our Happy Family to Yours!



About heathereyestone

I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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