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Picky Eaters

While my twins are still too young to be worry about this yet I know it is something parents face all the time. I know because I was a picky eater for my parents. Mostly not liking things like tomatoes, … Continue reading

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Green Tips

When cuddling in the wintertime, try to use blankets made from organically grown, natural fibres like organic cotton and wool. However if you must choose between polyester and acrylic, pick polyester. Ok personal thought too for this before you go … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Sleepless mom

Sleep per chance to dream. I kept thinking that to myself last night at 3:30am. These last few weeks with the twins has been rough at night. My wonderful twins have suddenly decided to give me a run for my … Continue reading

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Free Stuff!

Here is a website that I have been checking out and receiving emails from lately. It has been connecting me to sites that have promotions, give aways and contests. I figure it is all worth a try who knows I … Continue reading

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More Green Tips

Reduce your carbon footprint: Our carbon footprint is the amount of fossil fuel carbon GHG emissions that result from our daily activities. You can reduce your carbon footprint by driving less – and driving a more fuel-efficient vehicle. Carshare, don’t buy: … Continue reading

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Sleep what is that?

A while back a friend of mine thought it would be interesting for me to post a day in the life of me with all my kiddies. Well I did start out on that idea and realized well our day … Continue reading

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Have you tried Shutterfly?

Got scads of digital pictures? Well Shutterfly is great website that could help you with all of them. If you are not already familiar with Shutterfly it is a photo storage and printing website. You can upload and store all your digital … Continue reading

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