Superwoman? No just Mom.

As many of my friends who are Moms of Multiples you are very familiar with that term. Superwoman. When I decide to leave my home it is something I hear quite often. In the grocery store, airport, the mall. It seems every where I go I’m constantly being told how much I have my hands full with my 4 children and how I must be superwoman since the arrival of our twins. Thank you to those who think that, but I really don’t feel like Superwoman just mom. I get up and do what needs to be done every day just like every other mom. Personally I think that every mom should get to wear the title of Superwoman. As moms we all struggle daily with our own battles and families. One family is not easier than the other and we all seem to get through it and smiling if we can. We all chat and compare notes to see if we can find new tricks to make things run that much smoother at home. We all have our trials, and manage to find a solution that works. So ladies get our your capes and proudly wear  your Superwoman title.

Now to my original idea for today something more lighthearted and funny, being a MOM (mom of multiples) and the never-ending questions. Along with the superwoman title, we MOMs are constantly being asked many questions about our multiples. While we do appreciate your interest, please bare in mind that you are probably the 8580 person that day to ask those 2o questions you have about our children. Funny though no one asks you so many when you just have one. So for those of you who that are reading this here is the break down of my twins all your questions answered so that the next time we run into each other or chat the big question to ask will be hey when can we meet for coffee again?

  • I have twin boys ( I do get asked their sex a lot)
  • Yes they are twins (again constantly asked if my two boys the same again who look-alike are twins. Some day I’m going to come back with No I just took an extra when I left the hospital!)
  • They are identical
  • How do I tell them apart, well I colour code them and don’t dress them in identical outfits. Also their birthmarks are slightly different.
  • Yes Twins run in my family (however Identical Twins are spontaneous, Fraternal are hereditary)
  • Did I take fertility drugs, Yes it was called Birth Control!
  • Yes I’m nursing and managing just like any other nursing mom just that there are two attached.
  • Yes I’m done having kids, in fact I was done after the girls someone else did not seem to think so. I do love my family though!

Please note that this is meant to be funny, if it is not then I’m sorry. As a MOM you do need a sense of humor. If you need something funnier then please watch this Youtube clip about being a MOM. It is one of my favorites and pretty much sums up what it is like to be a MOM.

Thanks for reading today and I hope you have a great day!


** Side note, yesterday while taking the boys to get their immunizations the nurse told me I needed to write a book. Each time she found out more about me, twins, 2 more kids, etc she told me I needed to write a book and didn’t know how I managed with 4 kids so little. *laughs* the same as every other mom one foot in front of the other and one thing at a time 🙂


About heathereyestone

I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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