New Years Organizing

Like me many people put organizing on their New Year’s Resolution list. I am a neat and organized person to begin with but with 4 kids it is an ongoing task. This year I’ve decided that each day I’m going to try to tackle at least one project in the house. I’m making sure to keep thing even between my scrapbooking and card making hobby and the constant organizing of the house. I hope that by keeping up on it I won’t need to do big Spring Cleans or spend several days at a time doing it when I’d rather be outside or with my kids.

Some of the projects I have tackled so far are, sorting my kids books, toys, dress up clothes, my scrapbook magazines and papers and the kids clothes. I am trying not to pick projects that are big or will take too long just about an hour and no more. For anyone that wants to get on top of their own home and organizing this is a great idea, I find things don’t creep up too much on me if I work at it in bits and pieces. Before I know it my house is running smoother and feeling cleaner for longer periods of time and until the next little project comes up. 

I also find that by working on it in small doses I only then purchase the things I need to tame my organization. It is far better than just going out and spending a bunch of money on a whole bunch of different totes, bins and folders to only use about half of them. I try to pick one thing each shopping trip to either our Walmart or Superstore. One trip we noticed that Rubbermaid is now selling sets of containers for organizing your pantry. I had been thinking about picking up some things like that from Tupperware to keep up on my dried goods and other things I like to seal up in containers but when I saw the new Rubbermaid ones I jumped on it. They are much cheaper and at least to me seem like the same quality. I was able to get a starter kit of 4 containers from 5 cups to 21 cups for $19.99. I also noticed that they sold them separately as well. I figured I’d wait and see if I needed anymore after my starter kit. I was very happy about this find because it was going to save me money and I didn’t have to worry about hosting a party or placing a big order. Don’t get me wrong I do love and support Direct Selling companies! I just sometimes find that if you look around you can find the same things available in stores for a better price and the same quality, this is something my mom taught me. Unless it is a product I absolutely love and specifically enjoy that product then I do try to look around. I also picked up that day some new food containers for leftovers and organized my cupboard with all of those as well.  I was then able to recycle the pieces that were worn out and missing a lid or a container.

Good luck on your own organizing endeavors. Try not to let your home overwhelm you and try to keep things simple one simple thing at a time or try to adopt one new habit a day. When I first had Diana I started to habit of always at least making sure my kitchen was cleaned up before I went to bed. I felt so much better in the mornings if a clean counter and sink greeted me.

From our Happy Organized Family to Yours!



About heathereyestone

I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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