Sleep what is that?

A while back a friend of mine thought it would be interesting for me to post a day in the life of me with all my kiddies. Well I did start out on that idea and realized well our day wasn’t that exciting. I just spend the day nursing and herding kids. In between feedings my life was pretty much like anyone elses. I’d toss a load of laundry on, put together something for supper, play a bit with the girls and update my facebook. I even mentioned to my husband the other day that we have been very lucky in all honesty our twinnies have been the easiest of the kids. The only difference is when I’m doing something baby wise I’m doing it double. At 2 months the boys were sleeping 10 hours a night and growing into big little boys. Now I won’t say life is a bowl of roses over here, we do have our hairy moments. Clean up at the end of the day is a struggle, getting Amy to eat most of the time is a struggle and I’m always moving trying to keep on top of things. Also trying to get 4 kids to bed around 7pm is fun too, by then the boys have been up for a few hours since they refuse to nap after their suppertime feed and usually aren’t too happy. So before you start to think of colourful names for me since I seem to be breezing through twins, I do have my interesting moments as well. Plus I’m barely on time for things anymore no matter how much time I try to plan before hand to get everyone ready and if need be we don’t go out very often other than to take Diana to school.

This past week though has honestly been what I thought having twins would be like. All because my little guys are sick. Mark caught a nasty cough and nice brother that he is he shared it with David. Now being a seasoned mother I did try to just let him be since aside from the cough he was happy and doing good. A few days ago that changed, he started to wheeze and the next day I ran him to a doctor. Mark is now on 2 medicines, one to help with the cough and a steroid to help with his lungs. When it was just a cough we were only disturbed off and on in the night by their coughing. Since Monday is has gotten worse. They are congested so when they cough they sound terrible and I sometimes wonder if they are going to choke on what it is that has them coughing or spit up everywhere. Sleep at night lately has been fitful they are waking every 20 – 45 minutes till about 3am where afterwards they seem to sleep better, I also feed them again then. After that they seem to sleep until morning, but the girls have been waking up at 6am and they can only manage to be quiet for a short period of time. This is what I imagined it would be like, very little sleep and well the girls up early and needing attention. It has been no picnic. Plus lack of sleep has meant lack of patience. I feel like a zombie at times and I’m trying to be a good mom while this is going on. Yesterday I gave up a nap to do puzzles in the afternoon with Diana. It is easy for me to send her off to do her own thing and I feel bad because we don’t spend that alone time together that we used to. Dave hasn’t been as pleasant lately, with such a short fuse these days I’m trying to stay positive and balance things out. So I’m also letting him nap on his days off too so he isn’t so tired and cranky. I’m still thankful that they boys are otherwise still happy when they are awake because their little smiles keep me going. I know that it is only while they are sick and this too shall pass. Hopefully soon we will all be back up to top-notch health again and back to feeling happy and cheerful.

Sigh and now the boys are awake and ready to eat, then off to pick Diana back up from school. Hopefully after lunch today I will get a nap.

From our tired family this week.



About heathereyestone

I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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