Mom time = Me Time!

Lately I have been learning that even though I’m managing ok with 4 kids now I am still finding that aside from the house and kids I really don’t do anything anymore for me. I do putter around some times with my crafts but not as much as I would like. So I have decided that once a week I’m going try to go out of the house and do something for me. Making sure that I get refreshed as well is important. This past week I just simply went to a friend’s house to sit and chat. I also want to look at doing things like going to a drop in fitness class, or paint some pottery and even getting together with some of my crafty friends to scrapbook. Hopefully some of the nights I get out I can line up a babysitter so that Dave can come with me for a date night. We need time out together as well.

So that is my piece for today, make sure to make time for yourself in some small way. Get out and enjoy not being in demand of your home and family. We all need to be someone other than mom even for just a few minutes.

From our happy family to yours!



About heathereyestone

I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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