The Happiness Project

So over the past week I have picked up The Happiness Project from the library. This book is supposed to be up there with Eat, Pray, Love and the Dali Lama’s The Art of Happiness. I heard it was a good book and well book-worm that I am, I wanted to read it. I’m about a third of the way into this book and really loving it. I do think that if anyone wants to read something inspiring and uplifting, this is it. You can also read Gretchen’s blog about the happiness project.

Tonight though I find it hard to be inspired by all I’m reading. When I read her project and feel all this great excitement to try some of her ideas even reading about more books to try I feel swept away. Then there in the middle of my dream I’m brought back to reality of my home and the life it brings. Recently reading how Gretchen was going to work at having a more positive approach to her parenting, explaining her current style which often sounds very similar to my own I want to give it a try. I attempt to excite my girls into cleaning the messy but not super messy basement. It works for about 5 minutes. I am also tonight, crazy as I am, trying to bathe all 4 kids. The boys need to be done one at a time in the kitchen sink and currently what I am working at. After the whirlwind of Dave leaving for work I’m left with one boy needing to be dressed. Once I’m done this I’m trying to nurse. I continually try to tell the girls to go downstairs to let me nurse in what peace I can. They are squirrely and screaming and then I’m right there with them telling them no story tonight, while my two ravenous beavers, grunt, snort and wiggle their way through another nursing. God it feels like a zoo in here. All I want is to get everyone into bed and just shut life off for another day, have the last lingering moments of the night to myself. Diana keeps trying to talk to me, with extreme hand and body gestures. I swear she is part Italian or something.

Sigh! With the boys in bed and the girls in the bath I’m almost there! I tidy the bed my husband has left in chaos and flick on the TV to see PS I love you on, a little stress rolls off my back as I gaze dreamily at the sexy Irish man on the screen, well both as it flicks between the friend and Gerard. Goodness they are so sexy. I hope Dave doesn’t read this! LOL. There is just something about the accent and well those men, and well the country side. I love Ireland and can hardly wait to return again.

Well the girls are in bed after the bath drama. I can finally make my way downstairs. I flick back between the movies and the Oscars while I write this and continue to shoo girls back to bed as they keep escaping over the baby gate I put up. With the kettle on I’m going to curl up with a cup of tea, continue to read my book and hope that one day I can work at my own Happiness Project..

Good night all!



About heathereyestone

I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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