Freezer Stock Up

Stocking up your freezer is something we all do at times. Anyone who is expecting multiples has this on their mind often. If you need to do a stock up here are some ideas from my own experiences.

  • Buy from a local butcher part of a pig or cow. I recently did this with a friend and we are both thrilled with the results. We bought a hind cut of beef and both ended up with enough beef to last us each months. We got a great variety of meat as well. This is a great thing all around to do, it supports local businesses, is better for the environment, the cow was organically raised and it limits the styrofoam trays. It was a great price as well. Two thumbs up.
  • Make a few simple soup stocks ahead of time and freeze in small portions, save adding things like rice, noodles or potatoes to when you reheat it.
  • Buy foil pans in the size that your family eats normally and make a few easy meals ahead. Things like shepherds pie, lasagna, baked pastas, chicken pies or anything you can think of. Having trouble with ideas flip open an M&M’s flyer and jot down the things you like the sound of and pick up what you need to make a few of those. Unless the price is right it usually is better make your own.
  • Have a bread maker? Put it to use and make up a few loaves, and bun batches. You can also freeze the dough as is if you want to thaw and let rise. You could make a few pizza doughs and shape to the size you want and freeze them like that so they are quickly put together.
  • Things I almost always have in my freezer as quick go to meals are chicken nuggets, french fries, Swanson turkey or chicken pies (for a 1.00 you can’t go wrong) and frozen veggies. In the first months of multiples you are more worried about eating than eating the healthiest.
  • Stock a few mini loaves of banana bread, zucchini loaves or your own favorite loaf. That way if you are the type who feels even if you are having someone over to lend a hand you can have something easy to pull out and serve. Or take those recipes and turn them into batches of muffins for an easy snack.
  • Having a baby shower you know about, ask if you could have each guest bring something for the freezer as a gift. Or ask you friends and family to double make one supper and bring the extra for your freezer.
  • When buying raw meats break up into portion sizes and add your marinade before you freeze them. One less step come supper time.
  • Try to make sure to keep the things you need close to the top or the things that are the oldest so you eat them quicker.

Make sure to post your own freezer meal ideas and tips.

From our Happy Family to Yours



About heathereyestone

I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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