Spend Out

As I mentioned before I have been reading The Happiness Project. One of the sections in it has really inspired me. Gretchen talked of Spending Out. A process where you are actually using the things you have, those things that you buy because they are pretty and lovely but want to save them for a special occasion. I thought about this a lot. So much of what we have is just sitting around collecting dust, mainly my scrapbooking supplies. I buy paper and jewels, anything pretty thinking wow this will make a great page! But I never get around to using many of those wonderful things. I have been working hard at trying to keep up with my scrapbooking and getting caught up. I am thrilled I’m almost done Amy’s first year keepsake album. I am hopefully going to be done this soon.

 I noticed that I’m not the only one hoarding treasurers, Diana is a terrible hoarder. I worry one day she will end up on the tv series. She keeps everything! So doing my mom duty I often toss some of those odd dust collected treasurers, things I don’t understand and have long been forgotten. I have given her a basket and soon a few boxes so she can keep her loved possessions at least neat and out of sight. She also has a craft box and items scattered all over the house. Diana loves crafts and will do them, she is a binge crafter, she gets something and it is all she wants to do for a few days then it too becomes part of those forgotten items. As I have noticed that nagging hasn’t gotten her to use those crafts more often again I have started to spend a little time in the afternoon doing them with her. We have managed to use up some nice things she has been given that are now proudly displayed as completed projects. I hope that maybe we can both work on our own craft projects together in the afternoons so I too can keep working at catching up on mine.

I have been looking around my house and working on other ways to spend out. Other things that I want to use and am starting to use up. Keeping only the clothes that I truly love and the same with the kids. I don’t need drawers upon drawers full of clothes I don’t wear and neither do they. Space is prime real estate in our cozy home and I want to use it to the maximum.

I encourage everyone to take a good look around your house and put some of those lovely things to use yourself. Use those serving dishes you have everyday and not just when company comes over. That favorite body lotion you savour. The cook books sitting on your shelf, get out and try new recipes and put them to use. It has been feeling really good over at our home as we use up the treasures we have.

On a similar note as tomorrow is the start of lent I am going to start 2 lent projects, one inspired by Diana’s class, and one for me. I plan to make sure I have given each of my kids 4 hugs a day, a song Diana has learned at school. I feel that so much of my focus has been on the twins and not spread around enough. The project for me is 40 scrapbook pages. Helping me to spend out on my supplies I have and keep me getting caught up.

Looking for other ideas, check out what my Friend Krista on Mulberry Street is doing. http://memoriesonmulberrystreet.blogspot.com/2011/03/40-bags-in-40-days.html another great idea for lent and a great way to clean out your house!

From our Happy Family to Yours!



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I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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2 Responses to Spend Out

  1. Krista says:

    Thanks for the shout out! 40 scrapbook pages, that’s another good one. If I was still doing traditional pages I would totally do that one. I think the other 40 day challenge I want to do is: No junk food. No pop, chips, chocolate bars, etc. I feel like I’ve been pigging out lately, and being pregnant is no excuse. I was originally thinking that I would try that after the baby was born but I think that starting it before hand may be the better way. I’m also reading the Happiness Project. I downloaded it off of Kobo for $7. I’m finding it to be a pretty interesting book. I’m just on chapter 2 though.

  2. I did no chocolate with my pregnancy for Diana and well we got thru it lets just say. I found other things to eat lots of and still managed to gain 50lbs! Sadly I was only 1lbs heavier with the twins in the end as I was with Diana.

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