When Life hands you Lemons

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. When that doesn’t work add Vodka and make a cocktail!

Boy have I had a day full of lemons! Dave is working today so it is just me and the kids and well I was meant to be on my toes all day it seems. It started out ok. I had an early morning nursing at 5:30 with the boys, then went back to sleep until 7am when the alarm went off for me. I managed a shower before the girls woke up. I got the girls fed cereal and the boys. Thinking that I’d wait to nurse the boys again just after 9am when I got home from dropping Diana off at school.

I get Diana to school on time and I mention to Krista that Yes some of my mom friends and I were still meeting at the house and I’d see her there. Just to come in when she gets there as I was going to be nursing the boys once I got home. I get back to the van and get everyone inside, sit in the driver’s seat and click click click… Hmmm ok let’s try this again. Same thing. NO NO NO NO NO this cannot be happening. The boys are fussing because they are getting hungry. I madly keep trying to get the engine to turn and no such luck. Krista I see has already left the parking lot as with all the other moms I had walked out with. Why today, why now when I have people getting ready to head to my house for a cup of tea and play date. I see some of the stragglers coming out of the school and rush up to them for help, because of course I do not have my cell phone with me since it has the charge power of a hamster. I am able to borrow a phone and call Joanna, so she can head to the house and let everyone know I’m stuck but will be there, hopefully. One of the other moms there says she has cables and can help me see if it is my battery. Of course is the battery, it is always the battery. It doesn’t hold a charge much better than my cell phone. The slightest opening of a door or trunk and the battery is dead in 15 minutes. Ok so I have help, and have called Joanna who is going to come help me in some way. Problem the cars beside me and in front of me seem to be staying and not belonging to any other parents simply dropping kids off. Another one of the later leaving moms sees me and offers to help out since she has a car and it may just may fit between myself and the car next to me (you have got to love winter in a parking lot, where no one can seem to park in proper spaces). The other mom has gone into the school to look for the owner of the car in front of me to either help jump or move. So Mom B and I figure that maybe if I guide her she may be able to squeeze her car in beside. Success we get her car in there but no one is getting in or out of any of the cars next to her. She pops her hood and I proceed to work at connecting her car to my van. I’m nervous since Dave is usually the one who does this and I just hold the cables. I make sure to put all the cables where I need to, get her to start her car up and then climb in my passenger side to start the van. Success!!! Horray now I know that I can for sure jump a vehicle. I see Mom A coming out of the school with the teacher (sure had to be the cute young guy) to help. I run over and say I was able to get it started with Mom B’s car and some careful driving. I apologised greatly to the teacher, who had to leave chapel to come out (eek) but he seems ok with needing to help. I race home and meet up with everyone. The morning continues to feel chaotic and swirly.

I pick up Diana on time, but as I’m there waiting to get her ready Amy is throwing a huge tantrum because I won’t let her in Diana’s class and making her sit on a chair. I feel like I’m slowly losing it. I keep holding her in the chair and trying to get Diana ready to come home. Good thing she is in a listening mood and good about getting ready. We all trudge out to the van to head home once Diana is ready and Amy is red-eyed and cried out. I decide to swing by the mail box for the package my mom has sent the kids so they can be dressed up for St. Patrick’s Day. I was looking forward to this as I knew it would be exciting for the kids. Great my next lemon. The post person feels that my manilla envelope is too big (it was not!) and gave me a slip rather than using one of the many larger boxes in the Mail Box for packages needing them. The envelope would have even fit in my own. Nope, life cannot be that nice. Now I have to go to the post office with all 4 kids after supper tonight so that my kids can have their outfits which were already late having been held up in Toronto. Since the post office is in a grocery store I have to take them all inside and knowing my luck if I left them in the van it would lock me out or something else crazy. I’m not looking forward to this.

I call my mom and tell her my woes. I manage to burn the girls grilled cheese. Which I just want to feed Amy so she can have a nap which she really needs.

After the lunch rush is over, I do manage to get the boys nursed and back for a nap. I tell Diana that I’m going to lay down and I do get about and hour and a half. I’m surprised and a little happier for it.

We get through the rest of the day and manage to get everyone fed supper, pick up our package, and tucked in with stories. But since life is just not that good I come down to the family room to find Barbie make up  mashed into the carpet. Argh.

So this is what I have learned from today!

  • Always bring your cellphone, even if it doesn’t charge well.
  • To help get your battery working better, stick it in the deep freeze for 24 hours. Tip from a mom at the playschool and works on cordless phones too.
  • toddlers and time changes don’t mix so black out your calendar of events for at least a week or prepare for tantrums.
  • Cupcakes help a lot so don’t feel guilty if you have to eat at least 4 to get you through the day.
  • If you have kids, buy a Bissell Little Green carpet cleaner. I’m so glad I did finally. I seem to need it often!
  • Put the wine in the fridge around supper so it will be nice and cool for when the kids are all in bed and ready to drink.

From our Happy Family to Yours



About heathereyestone

I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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