It’s a Twin Thing

This post is dedicated to my Grandpa Harry and my Aunt Pearl, Happy 80th Birthday!

My boys just crossed the 7 month mark! How this time is flying by, I try so hard to hold on to the moments that I can. The boys are doing so good. Everyone is always commenting on how good they are and how quiet or happy they are. They are! But everyone also doesn’t see what its like at my house around 4:30 – 5pm when its me trying to get meals for 6 on the table, the boys are crying and the girls are under foot.

All that aside, as my boys are growing I am noticing a kinship and bond form deeper between them. Subtle touching, glances and holding hands from them. They not only recognize their own names now but each other. They love being played with together and cuddled together. They also get a little jealous if the other has the more interesting toy or play time in the jolly jumper. I still see how much they love each other and know that they are brothers.

This past week I was able to witness through pictures and stories retold how long and far a twinship can go. My grandpa Harry is a twin, he has a sister Pearl. This week they will celebrate their 80th birthday’s together and Aunt Pearl flew to Canada from England to be with her twin brother. Being a twin is something my Grandpa holds dear to his heart. Something only he knows about, a special secret only he and Aunt Pearl share like many other twins. Though they live an ocean away the love they have for each other is fierce. I grew up always knowing my Grandpa was a twin, and was able to see it in action when Aunt Pearl would visit or when we went to England to see her. However over the last year I have seen it so much more. It all started the day I found out about the boys, May 25, 2010 when we told my Grandpa. He was so happy, one of the first times I heard him tear up on the phone. Something he could share, something he knew about. Each time we talked I heard that same sound in his voice, how excited and proud he was. And Boys! I was having 2 boys! I saw him in the summer a few months before they were due, I also got to share the news with Aunt Pearl on the phone then as well. When the boys were born it was a full on celebration. Something our whole family celebrated. At Christmas my brood made the flight home to visit our family, grandpa was then able to hold the boys. Even though days before his visit he was feeling ill. He did what he could, brought a picture of the boys to the doctor and said no matter what he had to see them, what did he need to do to shake what he had. Many hugs and cuddles were shared when they all met. Just like the hugs and cuddles he and Pearl have been sharing since she arrived to surprise him. From what I have heard through the grapevine they have been chasing each other around like a pair of excited puppies, that my grandpa hasn’t been this happy in a long time, and that the house is not short on stories and smiles.

How I wish so much to be there and share in this milestone of my Grandpa’s as he has been able to share in so many of mine recently. I want to wish he and my Aunt a wonderful visit and a very happy 80th Birthday.

Now I want to share some pictures of these joyous moments I have spoken of.



About heathereyestone

I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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