What was I thinking?!

Ok so part of my tardiness lately has been because I’m crazy beyond all reason and felt that during my husbands holidays it would be a good time to introduce bottles to the boys and potty train Amy. What was I thinking?! Even though we are days into each I’m not turning back. Here is what I have learned this week in both areas.


  • Babies can hold out all day and be happy without having milk, David refused bottles on day one and only had milk when I nursed him first thing and right before bed. But he was happy and slept good all day. Go figure.
  • Day two is usually better. David drank 2 bottles, with no fuss.
  • Hand pumping is not fun when you have 16oz of milk waiting to be pumped. I fixed my pump in a hurry so I could have my electric one again.
  • Mark drinks if he is distracted and he likes youtube cartoons. Whatever works.
  • If I can get my boys to accept the bottles I think I will just use them to supplement and help out as my supply goes down, which it doesn’t seem to have changed too much yet. I am not feeding all the time so it is keeping me fuller than usual.
  • I’m happy with this change, I’m ready to share more of the feeding jobs and need to know that I can go out if I need to past a feed. I breastfed these boys for 7+ months now which is longer than the girls. I did a really good job.

Potty Training:

  • Holding pants hostage to maybe keep Amy from peeing in them and trying the potty only backfires for me. It always is the time of day when people want to skype with us or strangers are knocking on my door and my half-naked child wants to talk to them.
  • Amy is 3 and just stubborn, she continues to show she is ready for the potty but when it comes down to it she won’t. She doesn’t want diapers, she wants panties but still won’t use the potty.
  • Little things excite me now. Like when she does use the potty.
  • I love my Bissell green machine. It helps clean up in a snap.
  • Try every method one of them is bound to work, which one it is yet I’m still looking.
  • No almost always means yes when you ask a child if she has to pee.

So maybe I’m a little crazy trying to do all of this. Maybe I should wait, but I figure I might as well try now while I have the extra set of hands in the house because I really don’t want to have to do all of this on my own when David is back at work.



About heathereyestone

I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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