Have your Pie and Airmiles too!

Many people know that we are frequent flyers, as we have to travel to see my family. To aid in the cost of flights we collect airmiles. We can usually earn about a free ticket each year or more. I am usually at the store on 10 times your airmiles days, spend $100 earn 100 miles and also when I have to buy 5 boxes of cereal to earn 100 airmiles. Today I figured out an even faster way to build up my airmiles and also save myself some more money! This all started because I was watching Extreme Couponing on TLC, and while I sat there green with envy that I could not do that in Canada, I decided I needed to figure out a way to maximize my grocery potential in some way. Getting ready to do this weeks shop I picked up the flyer and noticed it was airmiles bonus week LIGHTBULB! I grabbed a pen and some paper and decided to do a what if grocery shop. What if I bought everything that I could get bonus airmiles for? How much would it cost me? How many Airmiles would I earn? Is it worth it? What am I stuck eating?

I weeded through the flyer and the things we liked and figured out that for $368.60 I could earn 1005 arimiles, have about 5 ready to go meals and only need a few little things to fill out the rest of the weeks meals and needs. Now realistically that was a lot to spend on groceries where I spent most of the week eating hamburgers and hotdogs sitting on my new toilet paper couch. But then it dawned on me, last spring I spent about $300 to “top up” my airmiles to complete a ticket. Now wouldn’t it be better if I spent that money on groceries? I would still get the airmiles I needed to complete what I needed for a free ticket and I would have a stock pile of food.

So I threw the idea by Dave, what if we were a few months from needing to buy a ticket and still needed about 1000 airmiles, could we not look at doing one of these big grocery shops instead and get food too? He said it sounds like a good idea (yay gold star for mom!), also agreed though it wasn’t something we could do all the time but ever so often it was worth a try.

Sounds like instead of the 100 mile diet we are working on the airmiles diet! We did figure that some of the items would be stocked up as we didn’t need 3 jars of seasoning salt each week, or 2 rolls of tin foil. But with some careful planning, with meals and budgeting the rest of the month we should be able to make something like this work and in the end hopefully earn way more airmiles. With a crew of 6 we need all the free tickets we can get our hands on. I figure it could almost as much work or fun as those extreme couponing ladies, only I’ll have copious amounts of cereal and airmiles on my hands, but I won’t be getting it for $1.27. Hmmmm maybe I should call TLC with a new show pitch. Crazy twinnie mom and her hair brain schemes.

I hope this has helped other travellers out there and if anyone has any other great ideas for earning airmiles I’m very interested.



About heathereyestone

I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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