Twins Day

One year ago today I found out I was going to be the mamma to not one but two little boys. It is one of those moments in life that I will never forget.

That morning I had picked up my mom at the airport. My mother in law was also going to be meeting us that afternoon at the clinic. I was excited to see my mom but worried about what she would think. With Diana I gained 50lbs and well at the end I hardly looked like myself. With Amy and what ended up as the boys I was more careful, not literally eating for two and making smarter food choices to begin with. But some how with the boys I had already gained 20lbs by this point. I thought I was going to have to listen to my mom express her concern for my weight. But when she saw me I think she was just as shocked as me and kept telling me she didn’t know how I was so heavy when it was clearly all baby!

We headed off to our appointment, all 5 of us squished in the Vibe, David, the girls, my mom and I. When we got there we met David’s mom and his aunt who works there as well. We waited until I was called then I got to go off to the little curtained room to wait for the room to be ready. Once the technician, who is actually a family friend, was ready for me I went into the room for the routine exam. I laid there, and laid there and laid there some more. I remember thinking, wow this is taking a long time. I remember thinking she sure is focusing on one side for a long time, then she moved to the other and I was like wow ok I didn’t think there would be much more to look at after all this time. After about 30minutes I was asked to go to the washroom so I could help bring the baby down. Ok, kind of strange, still more scanning is needed. I went back in the room and laid back down for more scanning. After about another 15 minutes started to chat with me like we usually do, then she said she was going to show me the screen and what she saw. Ok sounds normal I got to see the girls both before anyone else and she pointed out body parts. This time was a little different, I don’t even remember looking at the screen just hearing “So on the left we have Right Twin Male A, and this is Left Twin B, I’m not sure of the sex yet….. I laid there thinking to myself, ok don’t freak out she didn’t just say twin she just said something that sounds like it and does not mean you are having two babies! Then I looked at the screen and there in black and white sat two little babies. I started to tear up, happy and shock. I also moved and got my hand stuck in the goo, so the Dr gave me a tissue before she ran out into the hall all happy and excited to wave the rest of the family in. I still laid there just waiting for them all to arrive, even David’s Aunt shared this news with us! I tried not to look too shocked or too much to give it away. My mom looked at me and I could tell she knew something was up. David looked at me and I knew he could tell that I was at least happy because the baby was a boy, little did he know…

The Dr broke the news to the whole family while I laid there. The room burst into tears and excitement. My mom looked the same way I did. David’s mom and Aunt were just about jumping up and down they were so happy and excited. David heard boy and was thrilled, heard twins and I saw the shock too. Our Dr then took the time to see if we could find out what the other baby was and showed us a little bit of what it looked like inside. We were able to confirm that B was a boy also and by the way it looked they were identical.

After all the final scanning and excitement we walked out of the clinic to head home. It all felt so surreal. I remember my mom saying that before we head home we needed to stop and pick up some wine, she was going to need a glass and we were going to need to toast. I being unable to drink was going to get a pint of ice cream. We made a lot of phone calls in the car on the way home, sharing our news with everyone. My sister was the first person I called and she was so excited. We got lots of No Ways! and You’re Kidding! We also declared that we would then for sure need a bigger vehicle.

The rest of the night and couple of days were a bit of a haze, the awe part after the shock. My mind was constantly racing trying to figure out what we needed to do, how we were going to do and trying to find out what books I needed to read to get all the information I could on making sure to grow these babies the best I could. We had only 4 months till they were going to arrive and our pregnancy was about to change from easy going to lots of scans, check ups and me taking a lot more care of myself. Only a few days before the news had I decided that I needed to slow down my Guiding involvement and was going to back out of a week long camp I was still planning on volunteering at.

That day will forever stay in my memory, and was the beautiful beginning to a wonderful start of our life with twins. Now at almost 8 months old I cannot picture my life without them. Even though days can be crazy around here and it is a bit of juggling act it is perfect to me. My boys have completed my family.

I love being a mom of multiples and hold all my children dear to my heart.



About heathereyestone

I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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