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I feel like I want to write today. But what about, I do not know. My mind is all over the place and so I think I’m going to just write what comes to it and see what happens. Today was an ok day around here. I decided that I would enlist the girls into cleaning their room, which isn’t too hard it is mostly their huge castle bed. So we made the beds all proper and I asked them to try to keep it tidy each day. For my 3 year old this will be an in one ear and out the other instance but for my 5 year old who takes everything seriously she should stick to what I say. I proceeded from there to the mountain range of laundry in my front room while I had the old sheets all in the wash. Boys woke up, got feed, had lunch, made lunch for girls, ate lunch, cleaned up lunch. After the midday drama’s I was going to try to have a nap, as any parent of young children especially twin parents know that is like trying to catch a fart in a windstorm. No matter how long you have already been left alone, someone will know you are trying to close your eyes and seek you out! Boys win first. So I get them back up and we start all over with eating and entertaining. Somewhere along the way Amy is curled up asleep on the couch, lucky girl. I wish I could be 3 again and sleep where I please when I please. Diana and I work on a craft for her preschool teachers. We then start to make a Lemon Zucchini loaf. Amy senses cooking and wakes up, since she loves to sing some chocolate song from Dora she must join in the fun. Why not the more the merry in my little kitchen. Did they not see me trip over the cat about 8 times in 5 seconds this morning while I was putting the bread maker away. Granted Zeus is the size of a small car he did not seem to understand every way he runs is in my way.

Oh goodie the kids next door are here! That will help get mine to stay outside for more than 5 minutes. So I pack them out the door to breathe in that fresh air and sunshine. At least now I can make dinner in peace. Not long into my cooking attempt one of my boys is up again. So I park him in the kitchen with me, he can learn to make meatballs. Mark is my foodie after all. At 8 months he expresses a huge interest in food. I love his expressions when he sees it, amazement then shock if it is not for him or pure enjoyment if it is. So he and I work away in my kitchen while I’m also talking to my sister on the phone, she is getting married next year 🙂 so we chat away about her wedding.

My lemon loaf turns out perfect! Yippee, and for those who don’t know, me and loaves don’t get along. I try to have a good relationship with them but alas they either dislike me or my oven. If I want to have anything like a loaf I need to just use the recipe and make it into muffins. Today however I am determined I once again try my lower temp, longer to bake and for some reason the food gods are with me! Yum! The only down side is well it is so good and I’m on Weight Watchers. Normally I would have eaten half the pan by now, but I’m being good. I ate 2 pieces and recorded one. Since my husband does not read this I’m good. He is the only one who is all in my face about writing it down since he makes a point to as well. La Di Da! Here’s your cookie! I don’t use even close to half my flex points each week so a nibble here and there on a few things I don’t track is ok. I’m still losing or staying the same. I’m ok with that anyways since I met my goal and if I could lose another 5 than great if not oh well it would have been hard to keep those last 5 off anyways. Ok so I’m way off side now. Yum supper now, meatballs, mashed potatoes, and garden salad! It was so good and well as usual I was about the only person to think so. My kids won’t eat mashed potatoes (I know there is something wrong with them!), my husband won’t eat the salad and well Mark the only one who looked like he would have enjoyed it all can’t eat it. David doesn’t get that excited about the food on the table as much, he likes to play with the plastic on his chair or the strap. So once again over work and under appreciated. Time to clean it all up so hubby can run off to work and I can try to bathe 4 kids and stay sane in the next hour or so.

Strange thing happens and Diana and Amy are jumping to do chores! I even got my bed made out of the deal, sweet! So I keep them busy doing that while I bathe the boys in the sink, then get them ready for bed and have our end of the day nursing. Off to bed for the boys. Oh and by the way, they do spend a lot of time awake in the day as well. They just either spend most of it eating or playing in their saucer and jolly jumper. Anyone with twins and other kids knows that it takes about an hour or so just to get them fed so the time they spend awake can fly by quickly.

The girls have their bath while I fold my sheets and put them away. Amy has made it her first whole day with out accidents since we started potty training last week! Yippee! I’m so proud of her. She earned her 5 smarties, then we brushed her teeth. I even had time to read Go Dogs Go, before prayers and tucking them in.

My day in a really large nut shell. I just move from one task to the next. I try to get the kids in bed by 7pm so that if I have any energy left at all and not chores waiting I can do something I enjoy like scrapbooking. No inspiration there tonight so here I am writing about my ordinary day. Maybe I’ll sneak off to bed now and curl up with a book.



About heathereyestone

I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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