Tips for Twins

Recently on my excursions into the wild outdoors I have encountered several people who have been inquiring about my twin mommy status, more to the point of they have a family member or themselves are expecting multiples. As I myself hit up as many people I could find who were expecting twins or had twins to get the low down, I helped out and dished what tidbits I could muster. So to anyone who knows someone who knows someone who is having multiples here is my top 5 things to either help with pregnancy or help out after babies arrive. Some of this is similar to a few other posts but all jammed up together and to the point.

Before hand must knows:

  1. Buy When You’re Expecting Twins, Triplets or Quads by Barbara Luke and Tamara Eberlein. It was the most informative and helpful book. Hello Cheeseburgers and Milkshakes, can it get any better?
  2. If you plan to nurse buy the “My Breast Friend, Twins Plus pillow”. LIFESAVER!
  3. Freezer Meals and baked goods you can thaw and eat on the go. You will be last on the food chain, even farther down if you have more kids. So keep some easy to eat foods, something you can woof down in a moment. (Yes I just said Woof! My mom says Woof too! We don’t care if the correct way is Wolf, Woof is more fun. Also I say Converter too instead of remote, but I digress).
  4. Simplify your laundry system! Because aside from eating, laundry is the only other thing you will need to be on top of or try to once babies come, so get caught up now and have reserves. If you are extremely worried go so far to line a friend or family member up who can help by taking your laundry home to wash, fold and bring back to you.
  5. Try to find one great project you would love to finish or do and do it. I manage a little bit of time here and there for myself now and I enjoy having a few of my projects done so I can enjoy doing others, or little things for me.

After Babies:

  1. Go with the flow! Relax, honestly because you will drive yourself bonkers with plans and schedules. Only work at doing the must haves and urgent situations on hand. Eventually you will find more time for deep cleaning or you’ll hire someone 🙂
  2. Audio Books and movies! Having audio books from my library has helped me power through piles of laundry and dishes many many nights. The same goes for movies, set up a tv series and power through an afternoon of life with your babies. If you have little kids have some special new movies from the library or a friend for them to watch. TV is not my favorite thing and it drives me nuts some days when my girls watch loads of it, but they also drive me nuts some days with all the entertaining I need to do for them and then care for their brothers. In the early days don’t feel guilty, whatever it takes to survive. Especially if you are like me and have your babies in the fall and have to endure a long cold winter inside.
  3. Pictures. Try to take pictures and videos when you can. The first year flies by and you will want to look back to those first blurry days and remember all those little moments. I take a picture on the 5th of every month to celebrate my boys first year. I then will hope to scrapbook these into a keepsake for them. Yes I’m ambitus.
  4. Grocery shop ALONE! It is the best time and may be the only alone time you have in the start. Anytime I have taken a child or two with me or the whole family it always ends up a gong show. So take your time and enjoy.
  5. Make time to see your mom friends and gal pals. Playdates scared the baloney out of me in the start, I was warm and safe in my home with my babies. But I really needed someone to talk to. Pack up and get outside when you can on a playdate or have someone over for tea. You will feel so much better when you do. I thank all those ladies who came to see me in the early days or let me spend the afternoon on their couches.

So there you have it!

Enjoy the sunshine and summer! I know we are 🙂



About heathereyestone

I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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