Losing the baby weight

Many people lately have been commenting me on how I great I look and how I don’t look like I had twins at all. I am very flattered by these comments. Baby weight and weight in general is something we all battle with in our lives. Today I want to share a little of my success and story.

I have always been a slender girl. Only around the time I moved to Alberta is when I started to put on weight and notice I could no longer eat what I wanted. I wasn’t overly concerned and only occasionally tried to be mindful of what I was eating. I do love my ice cream and well David and I lived on homemade poutine for much of the start of our living together. So when I got pregnant with Diana I was 135lbs and I really didn’t think much about what I ate and just gave into the whole you’re eating for two idea. By the end of my pregnancy I looked like I had eaten myself. True Story! Here is your proof, and remember I never post pictures! Let alone ones of me looking like this.

Yes so needless to say after Diana I really wanted to get back to me. I tried not to worry too much as breastfeeding was helping and just being at home where I was busier. I did get back to my preDiana weight just in time to find out I was expecting Amy. I was more mindful with Amy, especially since my mom asked me every time we talked how I was doing weight wise. She was lovingly trying to remind me all the time to not eat too much, eat healthy and not gain too much weight. Thankfully morning sickness this time around and battling hypoglycemia I only put on a total of 25lbs that time around and Amy was my largest baby. After Amy turned a year old I decided that even though I was hovering around my prepregnancy weight I didn’t want to be that anymore I wanted to be what I was when I lived in Ontario. So my girlfriend and I made a weight watchers club of our own using her old material and information and set out to lose the pounds together. We were doing great, then she had to go and get pregnant… Just kidding, well she did get pregnant but it was a great wonderful thing. I carried on doing great. I was down to 125lbs and feeling good.

Then I was surprised to find myself pregnant for a third time. Again I worked hard at eating right, and well morning sickness helped too. Losing weight before hand had helped me to still eat proper amounts. But I was shocked to see the scale rising and I couldn’t figure out where it was going aside from the beach ball that was getting larger than it should and fast. Right at my 19 week ultrasound when my mom arrived I had put on 20lbs already and well you better believe I was scared to get her from the airport. She had been lovingly reminding me again how I needed to keep the numbers from going up so high. When the technician told me it was twins, it was somewhat of a relief! I thought well at least I know why I’m putting on lots of weight. I started right away reading about my new diet, Cheeseburgers and Milkshakes! Turns out I was almost in the danger zone for my size so I did my best and I did it carefully too to put on the 40lbs I would need to ensure myself some healthy baby boys. Which is what I got.

But that also left me in the end one pound heavier at delivery than I was when I delivered Diana and back at square one. So how does one go from 187.6lbs in 8 months to my current size of 123.2lbs? Well Breastfeeding twins really helped! But I also practice some other things to help get my body back.

I started the new program with Weight Watchers again which really helps me to be careful of what I’m eating and how much. I didn’t join, I was gifted the program information and worked again on my own. Basically, write down what you are eating and calorie count. Try to make those calories count as well, don’t waste them on useless stuff. Lots of people find success in just being accountable. In the beginning it was hard because I was breastfeeding and twins at that, I was giving too many points to know what to do with. So I did wait until I wasn’t nursing at night anymore or as often during the day.

It sounds silly but I take the stairs in my house 2 at a time. I must look funny sometimes taking a running start-up the stairs but it is such a habit now that I don’t really notice. My legs sure do though and it helps to tone also. I also live in a 4 level split so I have lots of stairs.

I wear the boys when I can. Not as much as I like but I am wearing them more often. I wore the two of them sometimes when they were small.

I also often hold both of them at the same time, just a mother of multiples knack. But I’m sure carrying around about 36lbs of babies often has helped to tone up my arms.

I’m a green cleaning kind of gal. Which can involve a lot of arm work and elbow grease. With that I hang my clothes out on the line and walking up 2 flights of stairs and out to the yard every day twice a day with a basket of wet laundry helps also.

Lastly managing 4 kids all day, whether it is running 2 car seats with babies to and from the van during the day, or chasing them around and just tending to them all day long. I do not always find much time for sitting. I spend so much of my day taking care of everyone and the house that I’m always moving. If I don’t keep on top of what I can I would be buried alive in here I’m sure. Believe me when I do find time to sit down do I ever enjoy it.

So there you go. Nothing really major. I sure do feel good now. Good luck though to anyone using these ideas. Losing weight is never easy and it does take hard work and support. As long as we love the skin we have to live in that is the important part. Being a mother of girls I have tried to make sure they see me being positive about my body image.

Happy Thursday Everyone!




About heathereyestone

I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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