My Dirty Little Secrets

Here are some more of my survival tricks for my life as a MOM. I’ve also decided that I’m now going to start using the term Mutliple Tasking instead of Multi Tasking. Patent pending… So spread the word and start trending. Mutliple Tasking: the ability to complete the multiple tasks life creates when you are a parent to Multiples.

I digress. So in going with the title theme today here are some of my dirty little secrets. I know my mother may groan over some, but hey I need a life too. So these are my corners I cut to enjoy me time a little more often which is only about an hour and a half a day now that the girls stay up till 8pm.

  1. There is a generational family of dust bunnies living under my couch. I sweep, mop and Dave is the vacuum king here, often but sadly not enough I guess. I’ve grown attached to the little guys. I encourage the girls to give them names and train them to do tricks. Seriously though, we try our best to vacuum at least once a week, maybe every two. It gets done and I’m ever so glad that I now have a Dyson to really get a good job when we do. I live in a 4 level split, I will not spend my precious time every couple of days vacuuming.
  2. Bath night for the kids is twice a week. Wednesday we have a mid-week bath, and Sunday is hair washing night. Have you ever tried to bath 4 kids more often than that a week. It is a zoo! Plus a supervised event too as they are all still young. I tried and got too tired. I figured if I just made a point to do it twice a week it would get done and everyone would be clean. Now if the girls did get horribly dirty or the boys then yes I do try to find time outside of my bath schedule to fit one in.
  3. I don’t watch TV. I have 2 programs that during the regular season I enjoy and that is all I watch a whole 1.5 hours of TV if it isn’t reruns in a week. You know what, I don’t miss it. I’d get rid of cable if it wasn’t for the fact that my hubby needs to have something to do at 3am when on night shifts. My girls enjoy it a lot but we gave it up for lent one year and did perfectly fine so I think they would be ok.
  4. I do a major clean of my house around the time my mom is coming for a visit. I only do spot cleaning or emergency cleaning in between. So my house isn’t as clean as I would like but for me it works. Which is why I try to be organized so at least my house isn’t cluttered and dirty. I figured some days I would rather be having fun with my kids then dusting. Plus my mom comes every couple of months so it isn’t too terribly long between the deep cleans. Please don’t think I’m a slob, because many do visit my house daily and you wouldn’t know that I haven’t dusted for a while or when I last washed the floors by hand, if I only did a quick clean of the toilet and sink or not. I am a tidy person, I just don’t spend all day or every day cleaning.
  5. I love my vileda spray mop. It is the eco-friendly version of a swiffer wet jet and I love it! Water and Vinegar in the tank, spray and mop it up! Works wonders and keeps my floors nice in between the visits from my mom as mentioned.

There you have it. I’m not perfect and my house isn’t clean. It is clean enough and I’m loving my time home with my kids while they are small.



About heathereyestone

I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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