Looking Back

I hadn’t realized that it has been over 2 weeks. I’m at a loss for words, or maybe I was for those 2 weeks. It was really rainy here as well so it is not like I was out enjoying sunshine.

Anyways, this evening my mom wanted me to send her some photos of the boys that I take each month on the 5th to track their first year for my scrapbooking later on. As I was scrolling through my many pictures I did come across so many of the boys when they were so tiny, and it seems so long ago. I also came across my pregnancy photos too. So since I’m sure on the boys birthday I will post the year at a glance photos I wanted to do a looking back now on my pregnancy. Also it seems fitting since I have been asked a lot lately about it and how far along was I when I found out etc. How did I know it was twins? All those other questions I’m asked. 

So here is my twin pregnancy journey in photos. Also if you want a real comparison flip back to my blog losing the baby weight  and you can see how big I was with Diana where I was only 1 pound less than when I was pregnant with the boys. big difference!!!

So this is me at 7 weeks pregnant. Not long after we found out. Already I had a bump going on, not much but it’s there.






Here we are at 9 weeks along. This is when my friend Kristin started questioning how many babies were in there. I told her one week before Guides and the next week about this time I “popped” and she was really surprised! She told me how the same thing happened to her Sister in Law who had twins.





14 weeks along and this is where I started to question my midwives. They said they would check for a second heart beat and measure me. No second heart beat, but I was measuring on the high side for 14 weeks, nothing too alarming though.






This was just a few weeks before my ultrasound at 19.5 weeks. So I’m just heading into my 5th month.







Here we are at 21 weeks, just after having found out that yes we are having twins. It was still a shock to hear that in my ultrasound. I really didn’t think I was having more than one baby. It was one active baby I thought for sure, not 2 wiggly ones hiding inside.






This is at about 26 weeks. I was on vacation in Ontario at the time. I had to carry a doctors note with me on the airplane to assure the staff I was safe to fly and simply carrying twins. This is the point in my pregnancy where I was considered full term for a singleton based on size.



Here we are at 29 weeks and it looks like I stuffed a beach ball up my shirt.







32 weeks along. I cannot believe I was this big! This isn’t even the end! I went on for 6 more weeks, and this was the point where the boys really were putting on the pounds.






34.5 weeks along! Mooooo, I mean wow aren’t I a beauty! I went into false labour at this point and had to spend 5 days in the hospital trying to keep those boys in. My mom flew out at this point of my pregnancy to help Dave with the girls and as we were worried I would go even earlier then planned.





Holy CRAP!!!! Ok I’m sorry but really look is there any other way to say it. This is me at 36.5 weeks. I still went another week and a half before I had the boys. I didn’t take any more pictures, and for some reason I always miss out the final I’m going to have a baby today shots but I was huge and well there wasn’t anytime if you recall my birth story!

Well I hope that you have enjoyed our picture journey! I really cannot believe what my body went through. I’m very thankful for the way I look now and I think I earned every stretch mark and detail the twins put on my body.

Love the skin your in 🙂



About heathereyestone

I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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