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Ok so lately I have been reading parts of the Book of Awesome in the bathroom, Hey don’t judge me! I have 4 kids when else am I going to get a chance to read. I have found several that I think oh yes that is Awesome, and now I find myself thinking up some on my own or noting the Awesome things in my life. So for fun here are some of my Awesome things, broken into 2 sections, regular and twin version.


  1. The point when you realize your kids are happily playing, no fighting, all is right in the world of kids.
  2. Baby hugs. There is nothing like that firm grasp or snuggle from a baby.
  3. New baby smell. Obvious who doesn’t like the smell of a new baby.
  4. The perfect snack coming out of nothing. You scrounge the fridge and cupboards searching for something to eat and you’ve got nothing, or at least it seems that way. Broken cookies, last scoop of ice cream, tail end of chocolate syrup and the last handful of chocolate chips you haven’t baked with or eaten, AWESOME!
  5. Clean sheets fresh of the clothesline, and that moment you crawl into bed.
  6. Picking up out town guests, the hype, the excitement and that first hug as you see someone you haven’t in so long. All the possibilities of that visit lie ahead perfect and waiting for you both.
  7. Finding lost puzzle pieces or game pieces you still have and have been holding out on finding those lost relics.
  8. When someone calls you just as you were going to call them.
  9. Coupons to things you need that are huge savings!
  10. Your gal pals getting you. Whether they are old or new, just that moment when you need to vent about something crazy and blurt out your thoughts and they say I feel the same way, or me too, and tell me about it! Rather than the crazy look you might get from someone who doesn’t get it and seems to say, I think we need to see other friends now.
  11. When you’re with your friends and the games come out and the laughs begins, and so does the best night you’ve had in a long time, one to be remembered for awhile. Jokes are made, and stories are forming for future remember when moments.
  12. Finding a geocache that you have been searching for what seems to be forever or visited multiple times! That found it moment puts you on cloud nine for days.
  13. Crafts that come from dollar store items and end up looking like high-end magazine trinkets or decorations, the ones everyone asks you about and thinks you spent a fortune to get.
  14. When Ikea stuff makes your home work better. You either get 2 kinds of things from Ikea, the stuff you paid next to nothing for that falls apart or the stuff that you spent next to nothing on that lives on forever in your home making it organized and functional.
  15. The days when you get to read a book or finish that last chapter and everything falls in place for you and you can sit and enjoy something with no interruptions.
  16. The smells outside after rain on a hot summer day.
  17. Eating anything freshly baked, bread hot with butter, cookies still soft and chewy or apple crisp and the ice cream just melts on contact to form that first oh so delicious bite.
  18. Coloring with kids. Remembering what it is like to sit down and color a picture, using crayons again and creating a master piece.
  19. When things you have organized finally stay organized and the new system you have created is now functional, neat and saving your sanity around the home.
  20. Turning on the TV for an indulgent lazy session and all the perfect shows being on keeping you cozy on the couch for hours.


  1. When you master picking up and holding both your babies at the same time. Yes I am that good, watch me go!
  2. When your twins play together and you see a bond and friendship develop between them.
  3. When you can finally bathe your twins at the same time! Even if it is in a laundry basket in the tub.
  4. Those close quiet moments when you are bottle feeding or nursing your twins together, a three-way bond is forming between you all and you feel that tender moment.
  5. Shopping carts that can hold 2 babies sitting up. Finally no more needing to take the stroller or two carts around with you to do your shopping, everyone has a place.
  6. Promos and free stuff for twins. The coupons and samples you get from companies for having two or more babies, even though they are small and will not last long it is still awesome.
  7. Sleeping twins together. One sleeping baby is great but seeing two all curled up together, bums in the air, awesome.
  8. Seeing your twins babble away together, only they know what is being said.
  9. When your twins do the anything you can do I can do better, one gets up and tries to crawl and the other seems to say oh yah watch me.
  10. When you’ve mastered feeding two babies or more at the same time and everyone ends up clean at the end of it all.

I hope everyone enjoyed these bits of awesome and starts looking for and enjoying the bits of awesome in their lives daily.




About heathereyestone

I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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