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Project No TV!

I have decided one of two things is going to happen because of the twins. One I’m going to cave and buy¬†those expensive slip on diapers and save myself the hassle of trying to change this wriggling little beasts or … Continue reading

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Extreme Couponing

Once again this week I’m sure I manage to get someone to note that I was crazy. Yes I’m pretty sure Diana’s school has me flagged for that crazy mom. It all started this past month building up to this … Continue reading

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Keeping our Twins Safe at Home

As many know we have more than just our twins, we have 2 older daughters who very much like to be involved in Mark & David’s lives. Sometimes it is so much though that it overwhelms them. Dave and I … Continue reading

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Camping with Infant Twins!

Yes twice this month my husband and I braved the outdoors and camped with all 4 of our kids, including our 10 month old twins. Many thought we were very brave other like us, patted us on the back and … Continue reading

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Hangin low

A cautionary word to those of my readers and friends who may find this under the TMI category. While I do not get raunchy or nasty, some of you may not find the hilarity in the tale I’m about to … Continue reading

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Summer Adventures

Well there are two weeks left of summer, hard to believe. At first it just seem to coast by and now it is almost over. This summer we have tried to take a local/staycation approach with the boys being small, … Continue reading

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