Summer Adventures

Well there are two weeks left of summer, hard to believe. At first it just seem to coast by and now it is almost over. This summer we have tried to take a local/staycation approach with the boys being small, and the funds not extensive. Here are some fun things we have discovered and enjoyed.

Splash parks! I found out that Devon has an amazing one, just a lot of mosquitos as well. Though it should be much nicer than it was when I first went earlier this year.  Also Whitecourt has an amazing Rotary Park, with a man-made water slide/splash park. Bring your own tube or follow the old adage of your backyard slip and slide, run and dive! Unfortunately we were not aware it this awesome park and only stopped to let the kids run around before the long ride home. We hope to squeeze in a day trip back before the summer is out.

Local Events! We have checked out fun things like Canada Days, Library BBQ and Grove Cruise this year. In past years we’ve also done the travelling playground, farmers markets and farmers days. All worthy of checking out when they are going on. Reading your local paper can provide a calendar of fun events to attend.

Camping! We recently braved the bush with all 4 kids and our new tent. It is a great cheap way to get away for a few days. This weekend we will do our second camp out and last for the summer.

Geocaching! Our families favorite outdoor past time. We recently hit our 100 finds mark, and enjoyed a geocaching evening out with local geocachers.

Deal websites! Some of our other summer fun activities came from the fact that I was able to score some great deals from places like LivingSocial and Groupon. I got $48 to spend at our local Crock A Doodle, pottery painting place. The girls and I made some great wedding presents for my sister there. We also got passes to Devonian Botanical Gardens and enjoyed a picnic lunch there and some geocaching, and we got a deal on the Edmonton Corn Maze. Which has a jumping pillow! Worth the deal itself there alone. I have spent less than $100 on those deals and got 3 great days filled with lots of activities and fun out of it. 

We also have had lots of park dates and adventures with our friends, local twin club and family.

With 2 weeks left we still have lots more exciting places to see and do before school starts. We look forward to the adventures and memories we have left to make.

Keep enjoying your summer!



About heathereyestone

I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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