Extreme Couponing

Once again this week I’m sure I manage to get someone to note that I was crazy. Yes I’m pretty sure Diana’s school has me flagged for that crazy mom. It all started this past month building up to this week. All summer we wait and wait for school to start. Well back in June I got a nice page and a half note from her school about what supplies she would need and about a meeting that is set for next week. Ok great the start of the school information. I’m also told I’m going to get a call at the end of August from her teacher, perfect. Well over the last month I’ve noticed that either my school is holding out on me or my crazy mind is thinking I’m missing some information there should be more. My friends all seem to have these 5 page letters from their school with more information, and more fees listed… I also know that one had a school meeting last week. This starts to drive my crazy level up, I’m paranoid Diana is going to walk into school on the wrong day. I’m trying to be cool about it, no worries they said they’d call. So this week comes and I’m thinking ok should maybe I should know by now since our meeting is a week away. So Monday I call the school, they tell me her teacher is planning to call this week. Great! I’m sure that was my one warning. Tuesday my friend messages me she is over at the park where Diana’s school is so we head over. While I’m there the kids have to pee and I’m thinking perfect we can use the school it is open and Diana can take a look inside again, since it was February the last time we were there. I just ask if we can check it out so she can see it for herself before it starts, yep no I’m being watched for the crazy mom. We thank them and leave. Well Wednesday goes by, Thursday too with no call….. I get home Thursday night from Girl Guide Registration to find a message my husband took that apparently the school didn’t have our phone number so they called my in-laws left a message and gave them the teachers name and start date. Hmmmm now I have to call the school and make sure they have to correct phone number. Well the teacher wasn’t in so I’m trying to explain this to the secretary without sounding like the crazy mom, no such luck I’m locked and targeted. Thankfully the teacher called me in the later morning, which is a good thing because my in-laws got the wrong start date so I would have shown up on the wrong day for sure. No big deal second and sixth sound similar on the answering machine. Anyways yes I’m sure they are going to be watching me this year for sure. Maybe I need to walk in with the twins, then I may get ohhh yes see she is crazy but for a good reason.

Anyways the lead up to today’s blog, since I’m totally crazy and we all know it I’m adding to it more by becoming an Extreme Couponer!!!! Yes I’m really starting to get the hang of this and I’m going to share with you all some tips, good coupon websites and ladies who are pro’s at this and have their own sites.

First off these few ladies websites are loaded with information on how to get started in Couponing and great to follow on facebook for constant updates on coupons and freebies.




Next here is a list of sites I’m set up on for coupons and where to get started to receive them in the mail.

www.brandsaver.ca must list age as over 18 to be valid

www.websaver.ca &  www.rightathome.ca (links back to websaver coupons)

www.save.ca only lets one per household


www.dealstreet.ca this one lists deals in your area as well


www.groupon.ca www.livingsocial.com www.stealthedeal.com are all ones that post one special discounted item a day for people to buy up. I have gotten a few good ones on these.

Also you can always try to google a company and coupons they have, make sure to include things like FREE and Canada in your search.

Contrary to what you may believe Extreme Couponing is possible in Canada and here are my tips on what I know so far and how to do it.

  • London Drugs and Save on Foods in Alberta let you stack coupons! They want you to, because then you come back and they still get the price listed as the coupon company sends them back the money from the coupons.
  • Coupons for stacking must have a different UPC symbol to be accepted.
  • You can use many of the same coupons as long as you do have that many products. Example if you are going to buy 4 deodorants you can use the same coupons with the same UPCs for each one if you have 4 sets of those coupons.
  • Set up lots of email addresses with the same home address. That is how you get lots of coupons. I have 2 in my name, married and maiden, Davids and both the girls so far. I haven’t gone so far to set up for the boys or the cats yet. You can then have all those emails set up at each couponing website receiving that many more of those coupons. Meaning I am getting 5 sets of the brand saver coupons for each one of my different email addresses.
  • Order any and all coupons possible, there are groups of ladies that want to swap and trade coupons, you can then do this to help you get more of what you need and help them out.
  • Check your papers for the Smart Source Flyers and Red Plum flyers, more free coupons. Sadly Spruce and Stony don’t get this but if you can nab one from work perfect! Extremecouponingmom has the publish dates on her site for you to check out.
  • I can afford the good toilet paper!!! I got 24 rolls of the ultra thick Charmin for $6.00 using a sale day and a $3.00 off printable coupon!!!! It was regularly priced for $19.97
  • Yes it does take a bit to set up accounts and emails but it pays off quickly and is easy to work once you get going.
  • Get a little note-book to keep track of sites and passwords. I use one page front and back for each site with each email log in and password.
  • Only stock on the things you use and will use before the product expires. Yes those people in the U.S have a garage full, but do you really think they will use all 53 bottles of mustard in  a year, no.
  • Extremecouponingmom does a lot of the work for you, she lists the Canadian Flyers across Canada, what sales have coupons and what you can get them for deal wise.
  • If you unlike something on Facebook that said if you Liked you’d get a coupon, you can then enter one of your other emails and get the coupon again 🙂 most of these seem to be linked to websaver.
  • This is very addicting, but it is fun and saving you lots of money too.
  • You cannot get away from never paying for groceries with coupons, Bread, Milk, Eggs, fresh fruits and veggies will always cost money. But you can at least work at saving money on the other things to help ease the pockets.

So good luck to anyone who is now going to start giving this a try! Keep me in mind for trading and swaps if you need to or if you don’t care to coupon and want to give some away you come across.



About heathereyestone

I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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