Project No TV!

I have decided one of two things is going to happen because of the twins. One I’m going to cave and buy those expensive slip on diapers and save myself the hassle of trying to change this wriggling little beasts or Two I am well on my way to being a professional alligator wrestler. Krikey!!!!! Changing one baby that twists and turns and tries is hardest to escape you is not easy, changing two babies like that is job training. So if anyone knows anyone at Discovery or TLC, tell them I’m looking to sign a 5 year contract for no less than 4 million dollars.

Yes among that I continue to create my own self inflicted torture in our house. Thank goodness school starts soon and routine. This past week after watching the documentary Waiting for “Superman” (available on Netflix) I have decided that we need to make some changes in our home. Over the last year our TV has steadily increased its viewer hours, and it’s not me becoming a reality junkie. It is the girls. Yes most of it was because of the twins birth and it was the only way I could juggle everything during the day was if I didn’t always have to entertain the girls. Well watching that documentary made me think that it was finally time to cut the cord, well not really just shut the power bar off. This way the girls would play more with their toys and also do more stimulating activities. (As I type this the girls are using my hand me down couch as a diving board and trampoline…. mother of the year here I come!) So I came up with the rule no TV between the hours of 8am and 4pm. Sounds fair to me! Once school starts they will get a little before school, a little after before dinner if they choose or have no homework and then 6:30 is get ready for bed time. 7pm stories and teeth brushing and off to bed. Yes my kids all go to bed at 7pm! Mommy needs me time, and any later and things just get squirrely and no fun.

My plan has been working good in some areas. The girls are doing activities at the table and I help out while I’m doing my own chores. They are playing more with their toys and getting along just a little better too. The down side is they take out way more toys now. Clean up is taking 4 times longer, and I’m getting tired of nagging. I’ll admit last night was one of those blow my stack nights. After 3 days of the same mess not getting cleaned up and every trick being tired I finally lost it and took everything that was on the floor and put it in our basement, the one with the spiders!!!! Tears spilled, empty promises were made, and I steamed then felt terrible after everyone was finally in bed asleep. So now I have a dilemma! I enjoy the TV being off, but I hate the mess they don’t clean up. I’m looking for out of the box suggestions on how to get this mess issue dealt with. I know this will be something we battle every day and even more when the boys get out of the ring and have toys every where too. Let me state though we have always been a clean it up when your done family and it has to be cleaned up before bed. It just seems to be taking longer now and the mess volume has grown. My kids do not have a play room or space of their own since our house isn’t terribly big, so I do not want to be stepping on toys when everyone is in bed and I get to enjoy myself.

Well off to start another day, one of which I think we will leave the house for some of it to avoid toys being taken out. Please feel free to lend me your advice and own mess tackling strategies, as my own sticker book reward system has lost its glamour.

Tired of the Mess!



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I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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One Response to Project No TV!

  1. If the girls really like their tv time maybe setting a new rule that if they pick-up all of their toys before bed then the next day they can watch tv till 8:30 instead of till just 8 but if they don’t pick up then the tv goes off or stays off half an hour longer. You can adjust the times to what would work best for you but it might eliminate the fighting to a facts only rewards/consequences system.

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