All about the Slap Chop

Sorry to have been away for so long. My internet was down for a week and well the first few days it was ok then I started to feel lost from the world outside my door. Also I have had my parents visiting us and well the first week of school events going on. I’m back online though and hopefully back to writing up on here often. I am working (slowly) on a blog about easy yummy cheap dinners, all those go to comfort meals we make. I’m still collecting recipes if anyone has a family favorite that is easy and they would like to share!

Today is a simple tip that I have wanted to share that I found has made preparing baby food so much easier. Since the boys are almost a year old (hard to believe) they are getting past the puree food stage, but to sit and cut up bite sized food is just too painful for me with two of them eating. So I have recently taken to using my slap chop to get meat and veggies cut up nice and fine then mixing it with some cooked rice, couscous or pasta for a nice and easy meal for the boys. This is also allowing me to serve more of what we are eating to them as well. Because really who wants to eat puree pork chops? I never used my knock off slap chop my mom bought me but this week that bad boy sure is getting a work out. The boys have been loving this as well since they can eat more food like us. I still spoon feed it to them, but I can not “chop” it up as fine and let them use it as finger food. So along with the magic bullet and baby cubes I am putting my slap chop on my list of mom approved tools for easy baby food preparation. Plus it is another good arm work out!

Happy Friday!!!


Oh funny story. Since my parents are here also they have been showing me just how strong I am, since they both found one baby in a car seat to be heavy, and I can carry both boys in car seats still at the same time. Yes I have some very nice muscle tone. Anyways I was joking with my dad since Diana is in school about how she could go around saying my mom could take on your mom. Well my dad said to forget mom, she should be saying my mom could take on your dad! So if anyone needs it I’m going to start offer a boot camp with my twins to help get back in shape. Just come and do what I do, lift what I lift, chase what I chase all day and in no time you’ll be on the path to fitness and strength!!

PS I don’t condone bullying or moms taking on moms, all jokes aside I was bullied as a girl and it is not cool, but I’ll gladly flex some muscles for anyone and make cheesy jokes and comments about being strong 🙂


About heathereyestone

I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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