Back at it…

Well I’m back at it now. Yesterday I took my mom to the airport from her 3 week visit. Now I have to start getting back into my groove. With extra hands around the house it sure was nice. I didn’t have to wash many dishes, as my mom preferred that to having to change and dress the boys or girls for bed. So my hands got a nice vacation! Looking over these past few weeks though it really got me thinking how much of my life is routine. I’ve always been a routine girl and thrived on schedules. Even when I feel like I’m racing around and working on survival mode it is still a routine to me in what I do and when it gets done. Even though I had extra help I still didn’t get to sit around and “do nothing”, I hardly got the chance to pick up a book or even put my feet up.

My mom and dad were great at helping me juggle so I could get some of those bigger projects tackled. My dad helped get the painting in my bathroom started, my mom and I did my bedroom. Which is now like a little retreat for Dave and I. The only thing is I look longingly at our chair we put in it dreaming of the chance I will get to curl up in it and read. Hopefully soon that day will come.

Sometimes I feel so bad about my routine life, the kids seem to do the same stuff over and over and no wonder they are bored with the backyard. While my parents were here the boys got to crawl around and explore the backyard for the first time! The First Time!!!! They are almost a year old and I hadn’t taken them outside to crawl around. Sure they got to a parks during play dates but our back yard is at our house, so much closer and more available. This past weekend we went to my girl friends parents house for her gift opening from her wedding and my kids had a blast. The girls rode in a golf cart most of the day, and took minnow nets down to the dock to catch minnows. The boys explored the outdoors more and enjoyed cuddles from everyone there. Dave and I even got to enjoy a walk. I was able to sit back and take some wonderful pictures of all our kids just enjoying themselves.

All these things as so easy and accessible to us and yet without the extra hands around our home we may not have tried to get out and enjoy simple things like that. I quite often wish every day could be like that, where you just get up and do all sorts of things. Sadly they aren’t and well I couldn’t handle the chores and the house if I spent my days playing away with the kids. Sure I could leave it all till they go to bed but those 2 hours I get before I can barely keep my own eyes open are the only time I get to myself, I cherish that time and hope that I can start to do more things I enjoy in that time.

My suggestions to anyone out there struggling with that first year of multiples or even the 5th year, and people even with singletons that are like me and just feel busy all the time. Is to sit back and enjoy those days you get that seem like a vacation. We need vacation days ourselves. Try to see if you can’t round-up a family member once in a while to go out on a special day with your family to enjoy more things you may not on your own, or ask a babysitter to come along. Try not to feel guilty for routine. I’m working on it, this is what we have to do since we cannot afford a nanny or maid to help me out with the housework. Every so often simply try to enjoy your own backyard. You can be amazed at what you’ll find and how enjoyable it is to everyone or new to little ones who may be inside the same play space all the time.

I’m now counting the days until my parents arrive at Christmas and we have that extra bit of help around the house again, so we can enjoy some of those simple things we may not without their helping hands.



About heathereyestone

I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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