Grocery Shopping with Twins

Before I venture off into my tale of how I survived the grocery store with my twins and Amy this morning I have to say how much I just adore my friends. This past weekend Dave and I enjoyed a nice dinner out at our friends house, a meal far more amazing then I could have ordered at a restaurant too! Anyways I was given late gift for my birthday from my friend. Sarah was my first friend I made in Alberta and I think she needs me as much as I have needed her. We can talk just as loud and as fast as the other and where she is more grounded and reserved I’m more outgoing and quirky. Well she surprised me so much with this gift. I have often teased and joked about the pencil test. If you can put one under your boobs and it falls, you fail. Enough said right. Well she read my Hanging Low blog and bless her heart bought me a gift card to Victoria’s Secret making a joke in the card to help with my pencil test. This is my friend who groans usually at the mention of the test and often says “Oh Heather”. But we love each other just the same and the fact she did this for me for my birthday makes me love her even more. It sure made me laugh too! I am truly blessed to have her as a friend. I’m blessed to have all the friends I do, each complimenting me in a different way.

OK so down to business. Grocery day, Dave is on nights and I have to figure out how to get what I need from the store with the kids. Normally I would have just waiting until tomorrow when Dave was home, but today was 10x your airmiles day at Safeway. I really need to get back into my airmiles collecting. I go in spurts with it as I usually do with everything. Anyways I decided that the best way to do this with as little stress as possible. So I figure I will head out right after I drop Diana off at School. Hoping the store is quiet early rather than later. Wrong assumption first off. I ran into 3 other friends of mine who had the same idea and a whole bunch of other people, even another lady with twins. So I get to the store. Ok how do I get 3 kids inside, 2 of which cannot walk yet and have to be carried. Get the cart first! I figured I would hope for the extra large truck cart so I could put Amy and one baby in the truck and the other in the baby seat. Lucky me they had  one available. My other idea was to make Amy walk, use a baby carrier for one boy and put the other in the cart. I think I got the best deal though. So I wheel the cart back to the van and load everyone up. I first started with my purse next to David in the seat. Bad idea! The first 3 isles have contents of my purse scattered everywhere I’m sure. So I then put my purse under the cart with the grocery bags. Skip the cookies! Yes I skipped the cookies which usually keep hands busy but it also gets fingers and faces messy. If I had help I may have stopped. I was ok until Amy spotted Poppy with a cookie. I had to continually say no afterwards but I didn’t get much of a fight. I also made sure to keep my list short. Since I made a list before hand of what meals we were having I had a good list of what foods we needed to pick up to get through the week. Even though I had a short list the boys still got antsy. Before I got to the centre isles, Mark had figured out how to get out of the buckle that I couldn’t make any tighter and was sitting on the floor of the truck, or turning around to try to grab the things in the cart, also trying to pull anything off the shelves he could reach and sale tags. David was turning around in his seat, and trying to grab all the groceries. This is maybe where the cookie may have been handy but they don’t put that in the middle of the store now do they nope, and I wasn’t wasting more time going back. I raced through the last half the store and got in line. I only missed one thing off my list and it was because it wasn’t at the store, so lucky me I get to go to another store, but I’ll do that tomorrow alone. My shop was pretty cheap too only $82.00 and I got 40 airmiles. I took the huge cart to the van and loaded up babies, Amy then the groceries and by now David was having a colossal tantrum. So I took the cart back inside and then we drove home. I put babies in bed, a movie on for Amy, groceries away, then I curled up in a ball on the couch and vowed never to do that again. The kids were pretty good, they could have been far worse and I could have been like the other twin mom, pushing and pulling 2 carts with 2 kids. Grocery shopping just stresses me out, and with all kinds of kids in the mix it is crazy. I love to just go alone and wander the store.

So here is a short list of the things I learned today.

  • Get the biggest cart possible to hold everything and everyone you need, or else prepare yourself to carry one baby or do the 2 cart push and pull.
  • Make a list of essentials. Don’t try to do your big shop with all your kids unless it is unavoidable.
  • Bring a snack for the middle of the shopping trip when the novelty has worn off and kids start getting antsy and grabby.
  • Try to keep a calm mind, it is not going to be a walk in the park but if you keep your cool and remember it can be over quickly or fairly quickly then you will survive.
  • Plan some quiet time or naps for when you get back, you will need a refresher or else you set yourself up for a crazy day ahead.
  • Try to shop on off peak hours. Special savings days may not offer any slower time of the day but first thing is probably the quietest part.

That’s all I learned today, I’m sure I’ll learn more another day. Because even though I vow I will never do that again I’m sure I will. I don’t mind superstore as much since they have the double baby carts but it is still just as crazy at times.

Also tomorrow is my boys birthday and I’m thinking of doing a special 1 year later blog. Stay tuned since to boost viewers for the day I’m thinking I’m going to post a picture of me One Year Later! OH and it will be me in a Swimsuit! YIKES!!!!! So make sure to come back and see where I’m at one year later, big lessons I’ve learned over the year how I survive my twins first year and how I got to look the way I do in one year!



About heathereyestone

I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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