One Year Later

Well here we are, one year later. We have survived our first year as parents of twins. I remember the day they were born so easily. I remember how I sat there in the hospital in a daze most of the day after the roller coaster ride their birth was. I remember telling my friend in the car on the way there that I didn’t care what happened I was leaving with babies after today. I remember the first few days at home, the challenge it was to learn to juggle the demands of two babies, how I quickly had to get my act together and get organized. Look at me now one year later on top and organizing a family of six, the best one can given the day goes smoothly. So here it my list of things I have learned about myself, about twins, and life in general this last year.

  • If you really want something you will figure it out and make it work. I worked hard the first bit and I was able to breast feed my boys for 7 months. Now I also know I was able to breastfeed, I do understand some women have troubles. For me it was what I really wanted and I made it work.
  • Sleep whenever you get a chance, life with twins and a family of six moves quickly and all day long. Sometimes it is good to work/clean/organize while things are quiet but more often use it to sleep or nap. You will thank you very much for that extra rest.
  • Say yes to as many things you are comfortable with. You will get a lot of help in the beginning but after that it tapers off so say Yes when you can. I know that no matter what if I really needed anything even now I have a list of friends I could call on for help, even random people on facebook are willing to lend a hand. It seems to be this code of moms, help each other out because someone will be there to help you when you really need it.
  • First experiences and milestones are just as exciting when the second baby does it. I cherished each and everything my boys did this past year and it was exciting the second time around.
  • Do not be afraid to try something or go somewhere with your babies. Yes it seems overwhelming at times, but more often it isn’t as bad as you think it will be. I did many things with my boys and tried to dive in and go places alone with all 4 kids. I did not always enjoy it, like grocery shopping, but I did it. It is something we need to learn to do or else we become hermits in our homes avoiding going out. But I do enjoy my days at home, they are less hectic and comfortable but life goes on and I have to get out there and do things.
  • A play yard is heaven for multiples. I had the boys out and about the week everyone was sick here recently until we could get a new mat for it and it was horrible. Well not that bad but it was busy. I could hardly get anything done because the boys were all over the place I had to keep my eyes on them at all times. At least in their play yard system they only have toys that are safe, they cannot get out and they stay put and keep each other happy.
  • Laundry never ends with this many people in the house. No sense in complaining about it, just find a way to enjoy it. Fold while watching TV, listening to an audio book or anything that makes it more bearable.
  • Free time is few and far between with this many people to watch over and manage in this house so I cherish my time to myself. I usually only get about an hour or two at night by the time I’ve gotten what I need for the kids and house done but I enjoy it.
  • Cherish and take moments to spend with your kids. Many times I really just want to take those quiet moments for myself but I have 4 kids who want my attentions so sometimes I need to give up that time for them. Or sometimes I need to involve them in the things I’m doing to take that chance to teach them new skills or share a moment together. One day I’ll have this house to myself and I will then have all the free time I can handle to myself.
  • No matter what people will always ask me if I have twins and comment on how I’m a busy mom. I will always get the I don’t know how you do it. You know what, Yes I can do it and I do, and I’m good at it. And honestly, if you are not organized then no you probably couldn’t do this and it wouldn’t be as easy. It takes a lot of organization to make twins look easy and keep on top of things as best as you can with this many kids let alone 2 babies.
OK so as promised. I mentioned I would post a picture of myself 1 year later in a swimsuit. So here it is! Here I am one year later.
Yes I went from 187.6lbs the day the boys were born to 120.4lbs today! I know many people will have some colourful things to say about that. But I am proud of myself. This first year with twins has been a challenge and busy. Now not all of my weight loss can be credited to life as a mom of multiples but a good portion of it has been. For a few months I followed the Weight Watchers program (I did not join, just had the information) and that helped me to learn about choosing the right foods and the right portions. It reminded me about having a healthy lifestyle, healthy foods, balanced with exercise (mine was mostly life in general  I have no time to exercise). Because I’m a busy mom I have tried to teach my kids along myself about having a healthy lifestyle. So yes even though I have  my hands full with twins and 2 active daughters I try to do things like walk when possible rather than drive. I walk Diana to and from school. I’ve only just had a few days where I have had to take all the kids so far. The one morning I would have had to walk with all the kids was the day I needed groceries so we drove and went and did our shopping right away instead. Anyways as long as it stays nice enough and not too cold I’m hoping to keep walking. I am working at getting a sled so I can pull the boys in the winter. These are all my choices and I’m not saying if you don’t walk your kids you are lazy, I’m just saying we as a family try to choose walking over driving when possible. This first year with twins has been more about toning, I have done lots of lifting and carrying them. I have a feeling the second year when they start to walk will involve more cardio as I chase them around.
So there you have it! Me one year later. Life is going good! I love my twins so much and they have made our lives complete, I am so glad they decided to surprise us and join our family. Happy 1st Birthday Boys today! Mommy and Daddy love you 🙂

About heathereyestone

I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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2 Responses to One Year Later

  1. Debbie Green says:

    Heather Eyestone, you are one amazing woman!!! You sound like you have a good head on your shoulders and lots of love to share with your family!
    Your mom and dad must be so proud of you!
    My daughter Kristin just had her first baby while your mom was out visiting you, so for us the fun is just beginning too!
    Debbie 🙂

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