Twin’s 1st Birthday

Today I want to share our experience with the twins and their first birthday. But first silly comment of the day. I walked Diana to school this morning and when I left I noticed a mom with a wagon and it had seat belts. I commented on it and asked her about it. I mentioned it would be perfect for my twins who just turned a year old and her response to me was “You don’t look like you have 1 year old twins, you still have all your hair!” Hmmm ok, thanks I guess, laughs.

Anyways here is what we did for the twins birthday this year. We had one party, we will have a small celebration on Thanksgiving for those who could not make it in our family. We celebrated with our close friends and family that could make it. Most people bought either a small gift for each boy or one larger gift. They are 1 I don’t think it matters that they shared most gifts. I made cupcakes that looked like Grover, Elmo and Cookie Monster, or we supposed to anyways. This way each boy could have his own “cake”. They each got a candle in their cake and I did make everyone sing Happy Birthday twice one for each boy. I made sure to strip the boys to their diapers and had a bath ready when they were done. This allowed them to enjoy and eat their cakes themselves. We kept the party pretty low-key and we tried to do things as soon as enough people were there so it wasn’t a long party or in case the boys needed a nap. I also asked my friend who is a photographer to take photos as their gift, then I wasn’t worried about having to take pictures and keep the party going.

I think it went really well. Everyone had fun, the boys got lots of nice things and it was fairly short, most people were leaving after an hour and a half. My house isn’t that big so it gets full and loud very quickly. I found the party to be a great success and it wasn’t stressful at all for us. We had hamburgers and hot dogs on hand for those that stuck around and wanted supper, and I had a chili cooking for lunch for any guests that came early and did not eat yet. Parties at home are always cheaper and easier to manage, but with a small home you either have to hope for warm weather to let guests go outside or kids, or you have to keep your guest list short. I’m not a goodie bag person, but I found a box of smarties per kid was a nice thank you to them for coming.

Happy Birthday Planning!!




About heathereyestone

I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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