Using Point Systems and the Internet to Get Free Gift Cards and Products.

So couponing has been working for me, but I’m not extreme yet. I’ve am and have been scoring some really great deals. The hard thing is you don’t always want the good deals or need to have 300 rolls of toilet paper hanging around your home. We jump on the deals that are great and wait for other ones on products we use often. I try to work out meals around our deals, which is working good for us. Some other things I am trying to work at is using point systems to my advantage. This is what I have learned about each of the systems I use and the new ones I’m getting involved in.


We are avid airmiles collectors and in just a year and a half I have 4,000 airmiles. Since I cashed my last amount in back in May 2010 (before I found out I was carrying twins). These are super important to us as we can use all the free flights possible to fly to Ontario to see my family. If you are fortunate to have a grocery store near you that allows you to collect airmiles that is your best bet. We also Airmiles Mastercards and put what we can on them to earn. We do make sure to track as using credit can easily go bad and lead to lots of debt. We are also careful so that we can be sure to pay off our balance each month so we do not owe anything. Read more on using your local grocery store to earn airmiles from my other blog Make sure to take advantage of airmiles deals often, but with everything use caution to only buy good deals and products you need. We try to budget a little extra on the occasion there are lots of good airmiles deals.

Shoppers Drug Mart Points

I just earned myself $170 in free Shoppers Dollars. So the next time I go shopping there I can spend that much and cash my points in at the till and get it all free. I’m going to wait for one of the deals where they bump your earnings up to $200 when you cash in. I’m hoping to fill all my Christmas Stockings for free this year this way and possible a few gifts too! Earning points here is easy too when you watch for 20x points days. Keep a list of products you would and can buy at Shoppers and then shop that list on those extra earnings days. Also keep watch on the products you can earn bonus points on. Sometimes you can find secret bonus points coupons online. Just be sure to google Shoppers Drug Mart Points and see what you can find. On the bonus points day a $50 purchase (which is the minimum you have to spend to get the deal) will earn you 10,000 points. It can easily be more if you buy the bonus points products. Shoppers can be a bit pricey if you are paying full price but things I look to always buy there that I don’t really find much savings on are Scrapbooking magazines (When I do treat myself), razor refills (they don’t really get that cheap anywhere) and face products, and then I watch the flyer for the hot deals and things I have coupons for.

Survey Sites

I have been doing surveys at and earning points towards cashing in for free AMEX cards I so far in the last year have earned myself a $40 card and I’m working towards a $100 or more card for us to use as spending for when we take the kids to Disneyland in 2014 (our plan anyways). The surveys can come to my email often and also not as often. Points earned depends on the type of survey and length. Sometimes I earn 45 points, others 150 points. You also only have so long to complete them or you do not get the chance. It is something I find that does not take up too much time and I can do while watching tv most nights.

Superpoints is another one that allows you to do surveys too but you can also do other things to earn points for free products. It has a super lucky button you can push every day 30 times minimum to earn free points. You also earn for signing people up and when they earn points too. The Extreme Couponing Mom introduced me to this and I watched her when she started and she was able to earn $100 in amazon dollars in 2 weeks. Now she also did this because she built a huge network from her friends, but it does show it can pay off and quickly too. It is an invite only site so if you want to join let me know, I have some invitations still open and can send invites. Email me at to join this one. You can earn points for playing games, doing surveys, signing up for things like netflixs and much more. So depends on how committed you get will depend on how quickly you earn. It can be a little amount of time or a lot. Something like this though would be handy for Christmas gifts, and they also pay out in Paypal as well.

Swagbucks, is something Mrs. January enjoys and it is similar to Superpoints. You don’t need an invite and you earn points for shopping online, searching the internet and things like games and surveys. to join and you can also check out this information Mrs. January put together about how to earn faster with swag bucks. I am slowly working at this one, trying to get the hang of it.

Hopefully I have been able to provide you with some easy ideas for getting some rewards and free items in return. Any little bit you can save and get for free the better. I have 4 kids and a big family to provide Christmas gifts to and the cheaper I can make it for us all by getting free money the better.



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I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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