Saving money with Twins and Babies.

So question of the week. Do you think that Alligator Wrestling is a skill in need and a credible skill to put on ones resume. Not that I’m looking to get back in to the work force any time soon, life is too busy here with me at home. I’ve been thinking it could come in handy, especially since Steve Erwin left us. Changing the boys and their diapers several times a day has been keeping me on top of this skill I think. I’ve got a pretty good foot lock move and other tactics. If you don’t believe me that it is a work out, be my guest. They are my babies and I break into a sweat some days when they are particularly feisty! Sometimes I wonder if it would be just better to let them run around naked, I’m sure it would be their choice.

Anyways on to my topic of the day. In all my couponing and research I want to share with other parents on how easy it is to save on the 2 biggest expenses when it comes to babies. Diapers and Formula. As a mother of twins, those were my two biggest worries how was I going to pay for all their diapers and formula once I finished Breast Feeding. Now if you do not live in BC or Alberta it will be harder but still possible if you watch sales and price match, but thankfully I live in a province that allows me to stack coupons! I only wish I knew how to do this before I had the boys.

First if you are a parent of Multiples then you need to contact the companies and get your freebies and hold onto the coupons you get with them so you can save them and combine them with the ones you will collect to stack. It will help you out in the end with more savings. Here is my previous blog that had all the information on freebies.

Coupon stacking isn’t too hard, you just need to make sure you know the right stores to use and the right coupons. The stores out west are Save on Foods and London Drugs. Both stores price match and let you stack coupons. 2 companies that have coupons you can stack that I know of are Enfamil and Huggies. Pampers is very hard as P&G will not let you combine coupons. But the two mentioned are two I know you can stack. When it comes to your coupons you need to make sure they all come from different sources, (like newspaper, flyer inserts, internet, etc.) and that they have different UPC codes on them. You can then take ones from each of those different places and put them together for major savings.

For Example with Huggies. has a printable coupon you can use, has a printable coupon when you name your squirmer, and the smart source flyers found in newspapers has a coupon. Here is a list from Frugal Edmonton Mama on a weekly Huggies Stacking done at London Drugs. Inserts are usually from a Smart Source, you can use several of these as long as they were from different flyers, with different UPC codes on them. So one from an August Flyer and one from a September Flyer. Just make sure they all have valid Expiry Dates as well. But you will see below how she took different ones and combine them to pay only 50 cents at the most. Also keep in mind these are most likely the smallest packages of diapers. Unless you can gather many coupons from all different sources with different UPC’s you may not be able to buy the huge boxes of Diapers.  

Huggies Slip on Diapers $9.99 (PM Shoppers Drug Mart) 
or buy at Save on Foods for $10.99 
$3 Insert Coupon
$3 New Insert Coupon
$2 printable Coupon/$1.50 insert coupon
$2 insert Coupon
Total Price: FREE or $.50 
If you have trouble finding coupons you can check coupon trading forums. In my post about Extreme couponing you can find more information on great couponing websites.
Enfamil will send you coupons and samples when you join their program online. to get started there. You can also find their coupons occasionally at Often their coupons they mail you have longer dates on them so you can hold on to them and collect several and wait for a good sale. If you have friends who prefer a different brand of formula try to swap coupons with  them, sign up for all baby formula programs and gather the coupons to trade. Enfamil coupons sometimes show up in parenting magazines so keep your eyes open.
With both products it is always great to ask family members and friends who collect coupons, get flyers, or don’t mind signing up for the programs for samples, to collect extra coupons for you and help you out. Most printable coupons are only a print one coupon deal, so if you can get others to print coupons off for you it can really help and save you that extra bit. With that if any of my family and friends are reading this I would be ever so grateful for coupons printed from for huggies and the name your squirmer one from, also if you got the Smart Source on the 15th in your paper there are a few hiding in there 🙂 Thank you so much!
There are plenty of coupon resources out there and if you look closely and make the effort you can save lots of money. Not just on Diapers and Formula either, the other day I did get 4 bottles of Vim cleaner for free, well I paid $.20 in tax but that was it. You do not need to be extreme to save good money, and you do not need to have a stockpile of products either.
I hope my tips have been helpful and I have possibly helped a family expecting Multiples save some money, lord knows I would have started this so much sooner if I knew I could have.

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I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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