When do you give in?

Lately we have been having some dinner time battles with Amy. Diana has always been a pretty good eater, not a big fan of meat but willing to everything else or willing to eat everything with the promise of a cookie. The boys are still young and love everything so far. But Amy she is in that age range where she is starting to develop her own tastes and express her independence. She could live on Peanut Butter & Honey sandwiches or Oatmeal. Meal time is always a battle with her. Most often we sit there at the table and do everything to try to get her to eat. Sometimes she does surprise us and will eat everything up with out us even asking. I’ve tried keeping track of those meals she does it so that I can serve them again but that trick doesn’t work she will more often refuse them again. Having grown up a picky eater I don’t make too many things “exciting” so the kids will want to eat it more and well Dave is just as bad as them. So I can be creative and serve good meals that please everyone. My problem is when she won’t even eat at all. We’ve tried the promise of dessert, timing her, withholding milk (which she does fill  up on) or other things she wants. We’ve sent her to bed with no food too, or served it again and again. She is just so stubborn she won’t give in. I know she will eat when she is hungry and all that jazz. I watch my mom’s friends son who lived on Ketchup on a bun, Cheerios and plain pasta with butter and parmesan cheese, grow up into a man who now loves all kinds of food. Even Dave wouldn’t eat and was similar. But I ask when do you give in? When do I let her eat sandwiches for dinner instead of what I’ve made. I’ve always been firm on the idea of I’m not a restaurant I won’t make special meals. I know she loves different foods and will eat them. That this is a battle of the wills.

Anyone have any suggestions?



About heathereyestone

I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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