Light at the end of the Laundry Pile?

This past week I have literally felt like I’ve been buried in laundry. As the kids get bigger so do the clothes and the amount of loads it takes to get everyone items clean. Then you have to take it all and fold it then put it away. This takes copious amounts of time in our house. In the end taking away from my free time since everyone 5 and under here has also either been sick, teething or just needed extra attention as well. We have also weathered sister inflicted hair cuts and map drawing on the carpets and mountains of toys that are not finding their own homes after exploding all over the floor. Needless to say I’ve been feeling a little defeating in the mom department. But I still have to get up and pull up my socks and keep going forward.

We have been looking again at the pre-Christmas purge around here. What do we need? What can go? What better ways can we organize the house as well. We have an appointment with a general contractor to see about the options our basement holds for us and how much it will cost us. No matter what I still think we can make it work here. That and the moving chaos scares me a little. Also to fit our price range we are still looking at a house needing TLC so why not put the TLC into this place. Plus I really do love how I can walk everywhere and our little place here.

I’ve also been researching better using my point system cards to optimise our rewards. I’m starting to really see how easy it is to build up and earn with Shoppers Drug Mart. Mrs. January claims it to be the best rewards program out there, along with PC Points. She talks about on her site how you can maximize and earn points the fastest ways possible. She is able to cash her points in for Thousands of dollars of rewards in a year. Plus unlike PC they have bonus offers on things like gift card purchases to earn points. For example this week for every $150 purchase (single transaction) in gift cards at Shoppers Drug Mart you can earn 8,000 points. Mrs. January went out already and bought $2400 in various cards for her everyday needs from gas, eating out and of course to Shoppers itself and earned herself well over 100,000 points again just in that one shopping trip. Now we all don’t have that kind of cash sitting around to do that but with some budgeting and planning ahead you can easily earn 16,000 – 24,000. We are even thinking that it may be worthwhile to pick some up for Home Depot for our basement renovations. You can read more about the Shoppers Drug Mart Program here and from Mrs. January on how she maximizes the program.

I still love my airmiles and plan to collect what I can of those as often as I can, but earning $200 in free products over a few months several times a year from Shoppers will help us out so much with our grocery needs now that they too sell many grocery items now too in their bigger stores. So if you think you would have a hard time finding $50 to spend on 20x your points day, think again. They sell milk, eggs, butter, cheese and all sorts of other items, same price and even cheaper than the grocery stores. It is going to be worth my while to pick up those items on extra points days and taking advantage of bonus offers like this week. I’m hoping to be back up to the 50,000 point level after this week and I just spent all my points last weekend during redemption days.

Here is a quick break down about Shoppers and Redemption days pulled from so you can see it all on one page.

Shoppers Optimum
Store(s): – Shoppers Drug Mart
How it works: Shoppers Optimum Points add up really fast to let you shop for FREE! You automatically collect 10 Shoppers Optimum Points for almost every $1 you spend including prescriptions. Shop during their 20x the points events and get thousands of points. Get Shoppers Optimum Bonus Points on specially marked items in-store every day. Get in on special points events throughout the year like 20x the points on cosmetics, 10x the points on Life Brand and exclusive products, and 10x the points on health products like vitamins. Don’t forget to sign up to their mailing list to receive unadvertised email offers, only for Shoppers Optimum Members.
What is my reward? Store credit at Shoppers Drug Mart stores!
8,000 points = $10 off
22,000 points = $30 off
38,000 points = $60 off
50,000 points = $85 off
95,000 points = $170 off
Shoppers Drug Mart also has Bonus Redemption days a few times per year, allowing you to get MORE store credit if you shop on those specific days.
50,000 points = $100 off (instead of the regular $85)
95,000 points = $200 off (instead of the regular $170)

This is also a quick link to all the gift cards and points Mrs. January picked up this weekend. This promotion goes all week long until Friday.

She is a great person to watch and read all her deals and shopping trips she has done at SHoppers and just how easy it can be to earn the points to cash in several times a year.

Happy Saving everyone! I truly enjoyed walking out of the store with $200 in free stuff from Peanut Butter, pudding to diapers and all kinds of stocking items for my family. I hope to have another $200 before Christmas as well.



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I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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