The Best of 2011

Well it is the last few hours of 2011. A year that has brought much joy, lack of sleep and laughter to our home. Our boys went from tiny 3 month old babies, just learning to smile and coo to busy little toddlers on the brink of walking, first steps have been made we just wait for the rest to follow! Our girls have made huge changes as well. Diana is turning into such a grown up little girl, very bright and ready to learn, she is already making plans for when she is an adult. Amy has gone from a toddler into a preschooler, full of wonder and excitement for what the world has to offer. Dave and I continue to follow on the sleep – no sleep time continuum, enjoying the highs and surviving the lows. 4 kids has brought us a house full of love and life. We are never short on things to do, people to entertain and memories being made. We also relish the quiet moments more, when we are able to become invisible for ever how long and can enjoy things like books, and silence.

2012 will bring big changes for us to as we welcome Uncle Peter into our family officially on March 17th when he and my sister wed. We also look forward to our upcoming home renovations that will open up more of our home into use for us all. We will continue to work on downsizing what we have and make us of more of our time together. We also look forward to a year with a better GPS and hopefully hitting a few more geocaching milestones, like our 250th find, maybe over 200 finds all together in the year and the journey’s of our new travel bugs. As we enter this next more active phase again in our lives we simply hope for happiness, health, love and more laughter. With that I bring you the top 10 blogs I post for 2011. What is your favorite?

10. Twins Day – Wrote May 26, 2011. One year after I found out I was having twins. My recollections of the day of discovery and everything I thought and felt the day I was becoming a M0M.

9. Confession of Sleepless Mom– Wrote January 27, 2011. A timeline of a very rough spell during the early months of the twins, how I felt after an especially bad night of sleep. With teething not that far in the past it still is a lingering feeling.

8. Extreme Couponing – Wrote August 26, 2011. All the information I know about getting started as an Extreme Couponer. Some things have changed slightly with London Drugs since, limits on stacking. Still full of great information if anyone wants to start collected. I’m not as avid as when I started. I’m working back more on being thrifty and it’s not all about stock piling.

7. Superwoman? No Just Mom! – Wrote January 2, 2011. A fun look at what being a MoM is all about. Our twin stats that we are always having to release to people who feel the need to know everything about our lives. Some of my answers change depending on my mood and cheek. Watch the YouTube video too for a good laugh.

6. 100th Post!! Pumpkin Waffles! – Wrote November 28, 2011. My most delicious post to date! Also since this post Mark Taylor has tasted these wonderful creations and gave me the reaction I needed, and them some in a dramatic retelling during a chat with some friends. My faith in cooking and baking has been restored!

5. Methods to Madness – Wrote April 28, 2011. A few tidbits and secrets on how I manage life in my zoo. Some days it feels more like a zoo than others. I can now add to that list how my new 5.4 cu ft washer is helping me get more laundry done faster!! I can even wash all the bedding for each girls bed all at the same time!!!!

4. Hangin Low – August 17, 2011. This has to be one of my favorite and most funniest blogs. It is one of my most risqué and honest ones too. PS Uncle Mike you can skip this one too 😉

3. Looking Back – Wrote July 14, 2011. A glance back at my twin pregnancy and how big, scratch that, how huge I got. A worth while glance for some shock and awe.

2. Losing the Baby weight – Wrote June 16, 2011.  A look back at how I managed to get down from 187.6lbs to 120lbs. Don’t ask me to stand on a scale now though as I’ve been spending the last few weeks ridding the house of all the Christmas baking I’ve been doing. This is a great blog for any girls or ex boyfriends who read this and want to enjoy seeing me really fat/pregnant with Diana. It was quiet a bit of both, I posted a picture to prove it.

And Finally the top blog over the last year, made popular by all my readers.

1. One Year Later – Wrote October 5, 2011. A look back over the first year of being a MoM.  It also boast a stellar picture of me in a bathing suit, if you enjoyed seeing me in the post above, you may not enjoy me all skinny. I sure like the slimmed down version again.

There you have it! I hope you have enjoyed my top 10 blogs of 2011 as much as I have. I hope to bring much more in the New Year. Starting with a guest blog, and many other new features as I work on fine tuning my blog page and updating it.

Happy New Year Everyone!



About heathereyestone

I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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