Creative Gift Ideas for Kids


After I wrote yesterdays post my mind just kept going. I’ve also been on Pinterest so much lately that I’ve got crafty ideas running through my brain. With that I came up with what I think is an amazing list of creative gifts you can either make yourself for kids or are things kids can make as the gift for birthdays. Some of these are so much fun I am actually looking forward to all the birthday invites to come. I’m going to try to link as many of these to the instruction sites I have found. I also will be pinning lots of these to my pin boards.

  1. Puzzle kit to frame – Supplies are obviously a puzzle you think the child would love, a frame to fit the puzzle (50% off coupon at Michaels should help!) and Puzzle sealer/glue (can be found at Walmart, or other craft stores). The idea is for the child to get to frame and hang the puzzle in their room, so pick a fancy puzzle.
  2. Picture Puzzle – Lots of photo websites now are giving the option to make a puzzle from a picture. Sizes vary, I have yet to find anything really larger than 300 pieces. But how cool find a great picture of your child and their BFF and have it made into a puzzle. Sites like and have puzzle options.
  3. Homemade craft kits – Watch the flyers for Michaels, find a cute box and fill it with lots of treasures to cut, paste, glue and design. Kids have great imaginations and would love to just let their creative juices flow.
  4. Homemade Doll Clothes – I remember my mom making my sister and I our own Barbie clothes. Why not put your own sewing talents to use? Simply google Barbie Clothes Patterns and lots comes up. If not check out Fabricland for patterns in the store. It is also a great way to use up scraps.
  5. Barbie Tent & Sleeping Bags – Both McCalls and Simplicity have patterns available for purchase so you can make a Barbie Tent with sleeping bags. Again I had one growing up and it was a well-loved item. Why not buy enough supplies and make a few over a weekend then you are set and ready for the next birthday invite.
  6. Scrapbook Kits – Simply buy a 12 x 12 storage container, (can be found on sale often at Michaels) and fill it with an album, fun stickers, papers, glue or photo squares, and anything else you think would be fun. The Dollarama has lots of great supplies for cheap and perfect for kids just getting started in scrapbooking.
  7. Quilt Kit – If you are a quilter why not put together a kit to make a small quilt for a doll, or a pillow. Make sure to invite the child over for a play day and quilt making session to put the gift to use, just in case mom isn’t crafty. It is a great skill to share and makes for a fun day full of memories.
  8. Knitting/Crochet/Corking Kit – Know any of these skills? There are lots of books that teach starter skills for these. Why not put together a kit of supplies to get someone started on one of these wonderful skills as well. Corking is really easy for younger kids and they can have fun learning to make, hats, leg warmers and gifts like hot plates, or place mats.
  9. Jewelry making kits – Again another easy put it together kit with funky beads, wire or the plastic floss, some clips for the ends and you have hours of fashion entertainment. What girl wouldn’t love to make fancy necklaces or bracelets.  For an older girl pick up a book to go along that teaches patterns and designs.
  10. Friendship Bracelet kit – This is probably easier for someone a little older around 8-10 years old. Same idea, get a book that teaches patterns, pick out a container to hold the floss and all kinds of coloured floss. Don’t cheap out on the floss though, they work best with standard embroidery floss, skeins are usually a few for a dollar or around a dollar a colour. I used to spend hours making these, and even sold some to classmates at school since I could make fancy patterns.
  11. Homemade hair clips – Again google is your friend on this one, as there are so many funky and fun ways to make them. Pick a few really fun designs and make some for that girl you know with hair that loves to be styled.
  12. Decorate a bag kit – Pick up a canvas bag at Michaels, along with some fabric paints, iron on items, and gems. It is a super fun project. You can gift it as a kit for the child to make themselves or decorate them up yourself. I have done both as gifts. I made my girls some for Valentines day one year, they make great bags for library books, dance totes, music lessons or Girl Guides.
  13. Decorate your clothes kit – This would be best for a preteen or teenager. Get her some rhinestones and glue that will hold them, glitter that can be washed some neat iron on designs and whatever else makes you excited. She can glam up a pair of jeans, her back pack or shirts. For smaller kids, you can stick more with iron on designs and fabric paints, buy a few plain t-shirts to go with it also.
  14. Ceramics – There are places popping up all over where you can go and paint your own ceramics. Pick up a gift card to one of those places or check out craft stores for supplies so they can DIY at home.
  15. Monster mitts & Dinosaur Hats – Pick up some plain fleece hats and mitts, and get creative on them turning them into space aliens, monsters and dinosaurs for the little creatures in your life. Family Fun and Martha Stewart have some neat ideas to get your juices flowing.
  16. Superhero Fort Kit – I found this on pinterest and think it is so cool. It is everything a little superhero needs to make forts anywhere. You can easily change this into a princess fort kit too with a few small details.
  17. Homemade Tote or Purse – Again for anyone with simple sewing skills you can take some scraps or pick up something new and fun and make a nice purse or tote. Craft stores sell lots of different handle options. You could even try to make a change purse to go with it. Martha Stewart has some great design ideas. While you’re at it make one for yourself! Here is a great link that shows you how to make one out of a pair of jeans! Jean Purse
  18. Artist Kit – Perfect for the budding artist you know. Simply pick up some canvas’, paints, sketch books and pencils and watch what they create.
  19. Stockings – Wonderful for gift for the whole family, or a new baby. Make a personalized Christmas Stocking they can enjoy for years.
  20. Personalized T-shirts – Some plain shirts and iron on designs can quickly create a whole personal line of clothes for the princess lover or super hero lover. I found lots of great Disney themed Iron on transfers at the Sandylion warehouse. Perfect for little kids who may only wear a t-shirt with a loved character on it without the cost.
  21. Hope Chest – A wonderful gift from a handy craftsman in the family. Again this was something our parents, and back used to love getting and then filling. If you are talented or know someone who is to make one, why not? It makes a gift they will keep and pass down.
  22. Geocaching kit – Something wonderful for the outdoorsy kids you know or a family of geocachers. Simply pick up some starfrit lock n lock containers, camo spray paint, a note-book and pencil that will fit inside, pencil sharpener, and lots of dollar store treasures. Feeling a little more bold, pick up an ammo can from Princess Auto, and some special geo swag from an online store like Cachers Toy Box for geo coins and travel bugs. If you want to start someone on geocaching throw in a $10 itunes gift card so they can get the app and start searching simply using an iphone.
  23. Wooden Toys/ Cars – Again for the craftsman why not put together a few little wooden cars, or a set of building blocks. Our boys got a Melissa and Doug set of old school wooden blocks and by far one of their favorites.
  24. Handmade Jewelry Box – With some craftsman skills again this would be a gift treasured. If you aren’t that handy you can also find lots of these ready-made for decorating, pick out some gems and fun stuff to cover one and it makes a fun gift for special treasures.
  25. Knitted & Crochet wears – If you know how to knit you can make a scarf. If your skills are higher make a nice set of mittens and hat too. I love hand-made mittens. I one day hope I can figure out how to make them.
  26. Family Cookbook – Perfect for the baker or cook in the family. There are many different ways you can make your own recipe book to pass on to someone. Put family favorites, fun ideas like play doh and bath crayons in it as well, not to mention anything the receiver may love especially. Don’t forget the handed down family recipes.
  27. Baking Kit – Like above only things like, fun mixing bowls and size appropriate tools, perhaps a personalize apron to wear as well. Throw in a kids cooking book and the soon to be chef will be itching to get more kitchen time.
  28. Bed Makeover – Make a new blanket if you have the skills to quilt, crochet or knit. Be sure to add some funky pillows all different shapes and patterns. On a budget, why not a few pillows and some decorated pillowcases. Small changes can make a big difference.
  29. A diary/journal – You can simply buy one and a special pen to write with, or you can design and create one. I was 8 when I got my first Diary and wrote in one for many years. Now I write online for people like you.
  30. Travel Sized Game Box – Perfect for the family who camps or travels lots. Pick up a photo box, some decks of cards, dice, printed score pads for things like Yahtzee, a note-book and pencils and print the rules off to card and dice games to keep inside. Perfect to tuck away in a camper, or fit in the car for the long drives. You can even find fold up crib boards and other name brand travel games to stick inside.

I hope this has inspired some fun gifts in the future. I know I will be pinning this list on my Pinterest for quick reference in the future!



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