6 Reasons To Have Kids

This morning a friend of mine shared a link to a blog by Julie Cole, co-founder of Mabels Labels and it was 6 reasons to have kids. It was a really nice blog about her brood of 6 and it got me thinking about the things we may not think about when having kids. More of a humorous side to why we should have kids. Now more of these do apply to the more children you have, but not always. So here is a little Family Day humor for you to enjoy.

Six Reasons to have kids

  1. You thoroughly enjoy cold food – When I first started our family I never wanted to be one of those moms (and I knew a few) to painfully sit and feed their kids and end up eating a cold meal. Nope I worked hard and I was going to eat my dinner hot. Now I did make that work, one I’m a very fast eater to begin with and kids are usually slow anyways so for every one bite they would take I could eat like 5. Now with the added children to our family, I haven’t been as lucky. Even though I wait till they are all done breakfast and lunch to try to make my own sometimes it still ends up cold. More often it is my cups of tea that go cold. Which drives Dave crazy because I leave them half drank, tea bag still inside. The plus side, being a fast eater has its perks I can usually eat up my dessert or treats really quickly so I don’t have to share as much. No one messes with my pudding.
  2. Going to the bathroom alone is over rated! – I never liked privacy anyways! If I could use the trees outside I’d be all over that! Just Kidding. I’m not that much of a Girl Guide. Dave is the only one I seem to have kept the mystery from and I plan to keep that going for as long as I can. But yes if you hate sitting on the toilet alone then have some kids, you’ll never have to pee in private again.
  3. You think Minivans are Sexy – I know I dreamed of driving a minivan for as long as I can remember! I could hardly wait for the day when I could roll up to soccer practice in my long overdue and well deserved mom mobile. NOT! Some people enjoy them, me not so much. I did not convert when I got mine, I simply have it because it is illegal to let your kids sit in the trunk (remember I have a vibe it is open back there). Now I can only dream of the days they all move out and I’m getting a smart car, enough room for me and my purse! Unless the flashy cars get ecofriendly.
  4. You think every day should be PJ Day – Come on! Don’t you remember the flannel of the 90’s and when it was cool to wear your PJ pants to school? Now it is just time to step it up and accessorize with a house coat, some fuzzy slippers and crazy hair. It has long been a dream of mine to not get to shower until midday naps, to lounge around in my robe and slippers. Oh and I’m not getting up early, in time I will get back to being up and ready with the sun like I used to do, or having kids I can leave for a few minutes to shower. I admire the moms who can, but while my little guys are small sneaking off for a shower doesn’t happen till they nap.
  5. Shaving was annoying anyways – Yes I know the men are groaning and the ladies may scoff, but come on do you really shave as often you used to? I used to enjoy 2-3 days between, and well I’m not going to reveal what it is now because somethings should still be a secret 😉 But I’m sure many ladies can sympathize with Miranda from Sex and the City 2.
  6. You didn’t like sleep anyways – I’m not sure who is worse, my toddler twins or my 5 year old right now! If it isn’t the babies waking up it is Diana going to the bathroom 4 times a night. Of course with our pocket door open most nights we are woken by the lights and noise in our room. Plus we are firm on the put the kids to bed early and our kids are early risers so sleep is something we only get a few hours of now anyways. I figure I’m just in training for when I’m older and can’t sleep anyways.

There you have it 6 solid reasons to have kids. We all know the one main reason we all do have kids though, because we wanted to have someone to boss around and do the things our parents did to us to, or the things we swore we would let our kids do that our parents never did.

I guess love is another good one, but you can take your pick.

Happy Family Day Everyone!


PS here is Julie’s Blog if you want to read hers.


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I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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