Earth Friendly Home Made Shave Cream/Soap

I am currently 1 week away from my sisters wedding and things have been so crazy! Leading up to my departure and arrival to Toronto there was lots of things going on at our home, packing, a weekend GeoCaching event, parties, and life itself. I have had a few blog ideas rolling around in my head but nothing I have been able to really sit down and work on.  Some to do with my grocery series, but require research and baking on my behalf to complete which has been slow because of the wedding and life, and other ideas again that just need more research, input and time, all of which I’m short on these days. I’m glad to see though that during this slow time in writing for me I’m still getting viewers. If I could write about the wedding I would because leading up to it there are many of good stories and experiences to share. But as many people know What happens at the Bachelorette Party Stays at the Bachelorette Party! The other things that aren’t so secretive are just the usual stresses every Bride deals with and getting over those hurdles. I can say though what did happen was worthy of a blockbuster movie or at least a good episode of Absolutely Fabulous! 

Remember when my friend Joanna did a guest blog on here about learning to be more eco-friendly and how to make some of your own cleaning products and body products? Well I’ve been test running the shave cream/ soap recipe she told me about and I do actually enjoy it. I am currently only using it for shaving purposes but have yet to complain about it. Pros about this soap, it is cheap, it makes lots, it is natural, and easy to make and use. Cons you have to give it a few runs in the shaving department, I did get a few ingrown hairs to start but after a few uses it did work itself out and is really quite nice. So as long as you make sure to give it a good 2 week try out you should find it rather nice. You do need a wide mouth container for this so make sure to save a peanut butter jar or something similar in size. Joanna is figuring it costs about $2.00 to make 2 cups of this, the nice thing is it doesn’t take much and lathers well on a loofah sponge. Mine was also very thick and solid in the jar so I may try to water it down a little more and make it go further. 

Recipie for “HIS” body wash / shave gel

2 1/2 cups of water

1 bar of glycerin soap (I used Gueleph Soap Comanpy “His” Glycerin bar at Superstore for $1.29 –found in organics isle)

1 TBLSP Honey

1 TBLSP uncented or lavender scented castile soap


Recipie for “HER” body wash/shave gel  –I’ve been using the man’s recipie since I don’t find the scent very strong but I must admit it isn’t girly smelling.

2 1/2 cups of water

1 bar of glycerin soap (Gueleph Soap Comanpy unscented Glycerin bar at Superstore for $1.29 –found in organics isle)

1 TBLSP Honey

1 TBLSP rose scented castile soap



1. Boil the water.

2. Bring the temp of the water to just under a boil.

3. Using a box grater grate the glycerin soap bar and put into the water stirring constantly.

4. When the soap has been melted into the water take the water off the heat and put in the rest of the ingredients.  Stir well and pour into a wide mouth container (remember you have to put your hands in it to get it out — I use old clean peanut butter jars).  Cool over night.  The liquid will turn very gelish.  If you want it more runny all you have to do is add more water next time you make it.


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I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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