Creative Ideas for Easter

Alas another holiday is fast approaching us and the I want’s and Gimmie’s are getting louder each day. Each year and each holiday has started to get more overwhelming for me. The thought of more trinkets and toys is making my head spin. Not to mention that the girls birthdays both fall within a month afterwards. Christmas is not a distant memory yet and I’m already saving boxes to start tossing items to make room for new ones. If I don’t keep things moving around in this house they just pile up, I have more to clean and the boys have more to discover and destroy. So one night on an off-chance I was searching a buy, sell, swap facebook page for my city and I stumbled upon a set of 5 100 piece puzzles, a mix of Barbie and Polly Pocket for $5.00. My thoughts were wow the girls would love those. Then I thought wait they don’t need anymore things with Easter and their birthdays quickly approaching, “Light bulb!” What if I got the puzzles as an Easter gift for the girls? Genius! So I messaged the lady, they are still available and a few days later I’m picking them up. This starts a frenzy of other great ideas. What if Easter was a homemade, renew holiday for us? So I start surfing my latest passion, Pinterest and within moments I have a selection of some pins I thought would be fun ideas for the girls to make up and fill their Easter baskets with. The other day I picked up some of the items I needed at Bulk Barn, also using my $3.00 off coupon (Cha-Ching, Savings!) and the others I’m set to pick up at Michaels (coupon as well) and the Dollarama. Some people look at Pinterest as this crazy girl obsession of random things we say ooohh, and love it! over. But Pinterest is much more than that! I’ve actually cooked recipes I have found on it, found great crafts & activities for my kids to do, not to mention all my cute DIY projects around the house now. Just today I made some awesome butterfly shadow boxes as art for my bathroom. Mini wave and Self 5 in celebration of my awesomeness! Yes I love Pinterest and am finding fun things to do and create on their each day. Now if only I could afford or magically open my closet to find my Pinterest closet I’d be set.

Back to the point. Why not think outside the box? If you are like me and groaning at the things your kids are going to be hoarding for the next year, put on your thinking cap and come up with some cool new ideas. I will never ditch the chocolate and treats, because lets face it I have a sweet tooth, and according to Kid History, it doesn’t mean you like candy it means you want some! PS like the mom in this video both me and my mom totally are that mom. “Here are your perfectly normal pancakes!” Plus once Lent is done at Easter I’m going to get my Chocolate on. Half the fun of Easter is making yummy treats and finding chocolate. Here are the ideas I have come up with and the links for your viewing pleasure.

I want to make a nice variety of colours to split up for each kid. Both the girls will get 2 puzzles each, and the boys are being re-gifted the old board and chunky puzzles the girls used to have. What I love is that all the products are made with things around the house, and safe for the boys if they decide to eat some. All I need was to beef up my supply of some of the things and buy cream of tarter. I now am stocked for corn starch so my girls can paint the side-walk and drive way all summer long. If I did have the time and energy to hunt down the materials I did find this totally adorable Jedi book I would have loved to made for the boys. Maybe it will be a birthday gift. The pattern is only $10 and it looks totally worth it, not to mention awesome.

I hope this has inspired some creative thinking and ideas for others. Pinterest is such a great resource for everything. You can check out my Pinterest here, to see what things I enjoy. I pinned a picture of the frames I made today also if you are curious.



About heathereyestone

I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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