Tupperware – My latest venture

Before I get into what this post is about, bare with me as I indulge you on how my homemade Easter has gone. I purchased and went forward with making 4 different creative items for my kids to all enjoy. Some of these of course are more for the girls but I did make sure to have something that the boys could enjoy as well. 

So the first thing I made up was the Side Walk Chalk Paint. I picked up some spill proof containers for these. The link did show using muffin trays which would be great for the outdoors, you could keep large supplies of it in the house and pour some into containers. I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t much waste and it could be kept. The recipe was easy and worked out great. I used food colouring for this one. 

After that it was a toss up on which would be quicker to make, but Dave was home so he did help me out and we made the Doodle Paint next. It did take a bit to figure out the making, mixing and right combination for us. I did find I had to use a little more water or else it was so thick I couldn’t even get it into the bottles. I found the bottles at Michaels for $21 but used a 40% coupon. By the end with that little bit extra water we were able to make 2 containers of each colour. Which is an advantage if you want to make extra as a gift. I used a combination of Wilton dies for this and some of my Stampin Up inks. 

After that we moved onto Water Colour Paints. I was torn between reusing film canisters for this, but instead I settled on a mini muffin tray with 12 pots. I had figured though it would get hard and it did for the most part but still did have a bit of liquid on the top. For this I used my Stampin Up dyes so that I could have a nice vibrant colour palate. 

Lastly I made the Play dough. It was super easy and fun. I really enjoyed rolling it up when it was nice and hot. It also made a double batch so I have one for the girls and one for the boys.I used food colouring for this since it was safe if the boys wanted to taste it. 

It was fun but I spread this over 4 nights. It was fun and some what easy, but still it took more time to make everything then it would to go and buy stuff. I’m glad I stuck with it but at the same time I kept thinking “What am I thinking!”. Tomorrow I’ll find out what my kids think. I’m sure they will enjoy it all. Diana may put two and two together since she caught me once or twice making stuff. She just thinks I’m making strange cleaners. The one thing I love the most is that I know everything put in to them. I know that they are all natural items and safe. 


Now onto to my main reason for the post. I recently signed up for Tupperware. Not to go out and do parties but to save money on a really great product. Sure lots of people think you can buy just as nice stuff in the store, but the truth is you can’t. I tried for the last year to find ways to compromise and I think I even blogged a bit about it and how you can find lots of great stuff similar to the direct selling items. All my rubbermaid is not standing up after 6 months. With Tupperware if the product doesn’t preform you send it back and get a new one. It has a life time guarantee. I’m talking that 30 year old stuff you got handed down can even be sent back if it cracks or warps. One thing I have learned from Girl Guides is to Share and Be a Friend. So I’m not going to withhold my friends from the same great benefits as I am getting. Anyone who knows me, or knows someone who knows me can buy Tupperware for 25% off too. I am mostly focusing on the sale items first, some things are marked down 30 – 60% off an with an extra 25% off I am looking at getting everything for better than any deal I could find in a store. For example the Party Extravaganza Set sells for $257.75, on sale for $97.00 right now but with an extra 25% off it is $72.75. That works out to a savings of $185 dollars for 28 pieces. Over the span of a year for a little each month I am going to be able to change over all that I have into long lasting products that I enjoy so much more. I’ve saved money on food by using their modular mates and buying bulk. Kept my produce lasting for weeks longer than it should because of the Fridge Smarts. Anyways if you are someone who likes to save money and does enjoy the product contact me and I’ll set you up. No one will pay more than I pay. dheyestone@shaw.ca 


PS I’m not crazy. I just love a deal and a great product. Ok maybe I’m a little out there. 


About heathereyestone

I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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