5 Creative Ideas for Left Over Easter Candy

OK so we are just over the week mark since this joyous holiday has left our homes filled with chocolate and treats. I have been letting the girls eat it after just about every meal and yet it still lingers. I’ve been doing my hardest to help them as well, and well it’s lingering on my hips now. So here are some fun ideas for you to save some of it and reuse later on for other treats. Anyone who has kids usually has some function they are required to bring a treat to.

  1. Chocolate Chunk Cookies of course. Everyone has their own great recipe for a yummy chocolate chunk cookie, something you would probably pay $5.00 for in a store just because it is that good. Check out this Tender Crumb link for a tasty looking cookie if you don’t have a recipe. You can use Smarties or M&M’s as well in something like this for colorful fun. 
  2. S’mores Bites – Ok so a little work involved but S’mores Bites are far less messy in the long run. Take some of that giant bunny you have kicking around and melt it down in a glass measuring cup in a pot of boiling water. Stir lots. Crush up some graham crackers in a bowl in to crumbs, or use a coffee grinder. Dip Marshmallow in chocolate and then in crumbs, let cool and Voila! Yummy easy snack. You could even use this as a treat for a class party, so long as your chocolate was from a nut free facility. 
  3. Buy some of those fancy sucker molds in hearts or stars, whatever. Then again melt down some of that yummy bunny into bite sized suckers for your kids lunches or school party. 
  4. Take Mr Bunny again and melt it down. Use it to create your own chocolate crackle/dip for ice cream. Why pay $5.00 for a weensy bottle of the stuff in the store, make your own. Add Peanut Butter to make the Reese Flavor in your chocolate.
  5. Friday Night Movie Snack Mix! Make up some popcorn, toss in some nuts (if you can), pretzels, some Easter smarties or M & M’s, then drizzle down some of that melted bunny on it and you have a fun yummy snack for your movie night. A great excuse to have a movie night also. 

I’m sure just flipping through a recipe book everyone can find even more great ideas. Use lots of white chocolate for drizzle on recipes stock up now on those white bunnies for about $1.00 a piece rather than $5.00-$10.00 for a bag of wafers. Jelly beans are fun to add to cupcakes. I also bring a small tupperware container of those too with me as rewards to the kids for being good or to bribe them to listen. 

I hope you’ve found some neat ideas to use it up, and some yummy recipes to try out. Sorry to anyone who thought I was going to have ideas where it didn’t involve you eating the candy. I don’t believe in not eating candy. I think I have some Elf in my blood because Chocolate is it’s own food group. I’m just thankful it is warming up and I can start walking more often.




About heathereyestone

I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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