Earth Day – Make one small change

Happy Earth Day everyone! April is the start of spring and the month we celebrate Earth Day. In March many people participated in Earth Hour which is a great way to get back to basics and enjoy some non electronic fun by candle light. Now that it is Earth Day what about trying to make a small change in your home or with your family to encourage sustainable living? You can make a small change or a large one. Maybe you decide once a week you walk some where you were looking to drive to. You could plant a few planters for your deck that will provide food for your family (tomatoes, herbs, or strawberries). Large ideas could be getting rid of that second car you really don’t use all that often and change to public transportation and walking. You could research and install solar panels on your roof. No matter what choice every small one helps Even just deciding to participate in your local organic waste bin program can help. 

Last night I made a change I’m hoping will work out fantastic and add to our green family habits. We are doing a trail offer with The Organic Box. It is a local company in Edmonton that delivers weekly or biweekly fresh organic Fruits and Vegetables right to your door. I have a friend who has been enjoying this service for quite some time now and I’m eager myself to try it out. Now I know many of my regular followers may wonder about my large vegetable garden in our backyard. Nothing will change we are still going to use it during the summer and fall months. Our trial with The Organic Box is for only 3 deliveries which I requested to be Biweekly. I want to be sure we use our hamper full of fruits and vegetables before they expire and if it isn’t enough I can always switch. Plus our trial is for only 3 deliveries and at biweekly it will take us into June, which is farmers market season! So late spring and summer we will work at buying our product local at our farmers markets to fill in what we don’t have growing and cannot grow. By fall when our fresh stuff has stopped growing and our winter vegetables are prepared for storage we can look to fully join for the 13 delivery membership with The Organic Box, to bring us back around to Spring. 

Be sure to check out their link about and research it for your own family. Full membership is $50 a delivery for a family, and if that is a weekly delivery that is a really good price for organic local food! Unless you strictly eat bananas, apples, potatoes and carrots it is a wonderful value. It also continues to help local farmers. 

Even if this isn’t something you think you could benefit from be sure to check our your own local farmers markets. You can find more than just fruits and vegetables there. I have another friend who visits markets year round in the Edmonton Area and from this has also found excellent meat producers, allowing her and her family to eat a full diet that is local (Stay tuned for a post from her on how to make the changes she has).Organic does come at a bit of a cost, but the more people that help support the farmers the better the pricing will slowly become. Plus you cannot go wrong by helping the environment. The impact can be a great one with one small change. Look up meat producers too in your community too. We enjoy buying our meats from a butcher, and more and more find the quality in the stores lacking. 

I’m excited about our new change and I look forward to being able to explore our local farmers markets this year. With my monthly meal plans and our continual organization of our cupboards I hope to have everything streamlined by winter. I want my shopping to be enjoyable, affordable and fun.  

Happy Earth Day everyone and I hope everyone who reads this makes one small change. 



About heathereyestone

I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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