Making Memories

Today is a special day in our home. It is our first born daughter’s birthday. It is more the day I think of a my mother’s day than in May. Simply because it is really the day I became a mother. The day that I held that fresh and pink newborn baby girl in my arms. Dave and I have been truly blessed by the lord with our family. He has blessed us with our 2 girls and our 2 boys. Our Diana who today turned 6 is an amazing girl. While she has some diva like qualities, and being referred to as Princess Diana is not off the mark, she does have some amazingly wonderful qualities that make her a special wonderful girl. She has been one of my most curious children, not in the sense like the boys are now where they smash, trash and get into everything, but in the sense of wanting to know why, push me, asking me to take her further into knowledge. She has always been keen to learn and figure out things. She adores puzzles and the prize of solving them in the end. She may don a tiara and princess like demure she is extremely enthusiastic about nature and creatures outside, big, small, slimy and creepy. She informed me the other day she had a snake around her neck on reptile day and she loved looking at all the pets they were shown. I may not feel as comfortable as she is but that a girl! She thinks I’m fearless, I just don’t let her see it so that I can help her to grow and feed her curiosity. One day I know she will change the world. She is always pushing herself further and farther, and I just know as her mother she is going to make a big difference for the world because she has already made a big one in mine. 

In honor of her big day we decided to celebrate and create some more memories for her and her siblings. We would love to be globe trotters and a family that is always out and about but that isn’t really possible for us. 6 people does require a lot of care and laundry. So when days like today come up we are sure to seize them. I got a tip from a friend while chatting about our day, stating we would be going out to a nice family dinner. I asked her what they found as a nice place to go with the kids, other than McDonalds. I was surprised when she mentioned Chuckie Cheese. It hadn’t really dawned on me. I was thinking more like Swiss Chalet or East Side Mario’s. She told me it wasn’t really that costly and you could easily find coupons online. So last night I searched it out and found a great deal. $49.99 for a large pizza, drinks, salad bar and 100 tokens! Wow that sounds like a fun time! Lots to keep the kids busy and good food to keep us full. So I presented my idea to Dave and this afternoon we were off for our fun family time out. 

The kids all had fun. They all played games and went on rides. We counted up our tickets and decided to save them up for a bigger prize, since Amy’s going to get to come back for her birthday in 2 weeks again. We all laughed and had fun. But I did learn a few things to keep in mind for the next time. Being the frugal mom that I am I always want to feel like I am getting the best bang for my buck. Here are a few pointers I’d like to share for anyone who wants to do something similar in the future, not just at Chuckie Cheese, but at any place similar. 

  • Always search for coupons online first. Sign up for email notices too and you may get even better savings. 
  • Don’t be afraid to fill your kids up on food before you leave and skip the meal and go just for the tokens. You can get 120+ tokens for $30.00. The kids really didn’t eat much pizza and I didn’t feed them before we went. The games were just too exciting they didn’t want to sit and eat. 
  • On that note the pizza was good but not fantastic so if you are looking for a dinner and fun kind of night hit a favorite restaurant before or after. This will however make a more costly day. We went for the combo deal because it was more fun for then than sitting in a restaurant and eating a meal that would cost around $50 anyways for the 6 of us. 
  • If you plan to go often save your tickets up so you can cash in for something larger than an eraser. 
  • The tunnels in the playground area are free to play on. Perfect for a morning out with moms so long as you can avoid the lure of all the games and rides. 
  • Have fun with your kids, because if not then you are just hanging out in a place with lots of hyper wound up kids running all over the place. That is no fun for anyone. 

It was a great day for all of us and the kids will be talking about it for awhile now or at least until the swimming party they have on Sunday coming. I’m glad we are able to get organized enough some times to have special days like this and just enjoy being a family. I want all our kids to look back on their birthdays and remember the fun we had and hopefully carry on traditions we have started like Cinnamon Buns for breakfast, and for them to make their own. 

Happy Birthday my Sweet Diana Bear. 

Love Mom


About heathereyestone

I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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