Birthday Parties for a Large Crowd

Today kicked my butt! I got up all full of hope for a new day and the craziness was over with so now I could get on to sorting and organizing, putting my house back together. We had friends over the other night for dinner and I just spent the whole time running around like a chicken with no head. I felt awful that I wasn’t much company. But I still made an amazing roast beef on the BBQ. Yes but today, of course I have a dentist appointment and the girls are just into all their new toys from their party yesterday. I’m trying to juggle all their needs, asking them to wait a minute as I do one task so I can help with the next. As usual the words are like wind through their ears and before I know it Amy has spilled chili all over the lower half of the fridge, herself and the floor. I have 20 minutes to clean it up, eat breakfast and get dressed before Joanna shows up to watch the kids. Perfect! Needless to say I was stressed. Diana has also pulled apart her Barbie pool (after I asked her to wait) and the boys are into the little pieces. In the middle of my bad moments a friend showed up to drop something off. Yes it was a proud moment, I looked wild and crazy, Chili all over my kitchen and I’m in my PJS. Sorry Julie. But as usual I did pull it all off and together and was out the door in time for my appointment. That was just my morning. I have to say I really feel like my life is running on fast forward. That I’m one of those annoying kid songs that just gets faster and faster as you sing it. I have tried very hard to keep things organized and neat the way I like it, but I’m failing. When people say I must be busy with 4 kids, they have no idea! But I love the little dears terribly. This is just a season in my life and I will wish for all the noise and craziness back again. But for anyone who has young twins or is expecting them, babies are way easier. Toddlers are crazy and either put everything you own behind locked doors or up 4 feet.

On to planning parties for a large crowd. Back in January we decided to book the girls a joint birthday party at a pool. We went outside of our town to another local town because well honestly it was so cheap. We booked the whole pool area (kiddie pool, large slide & hot tub) for $50 an hour, we got a party room for an hour and a half for $57.00, total spent was $112. I was allowed 60 people in the pool and the room would seat 40 people comfortably but we could have standing room. It was perfect and really fun for everyone. So I got a cheap venue, now to keep food cheap for that many people. I was so worried about the food cost because feeding our invite list of 55 people could break the bank on what we were trying to plan as a low-cost party. The hard part was most the guest were our family and really close friends. The people we knew we would invite to both girls parties anyways. We also wanted the girls to invite a few friends from school. So the numbers added up quickly. My first thought was pizza, but even those quick $5.00 pizza’s wouldn’t go far and would quickly get costly. So I did the usual thing that I did. I talked to a lot of people about ideas and my friend Melissa had the answer quite easily. Crock pot meals. Why I hadn’t thought of that I don’t know. She talked about how I could even use them to keep things like burgers and hot dogs warm. Perfect!! So I went ahead with my plan to serve crock pot meals. I collected 4 crock pots together, filled two with hot dogs and two with chili, had some snack mix and juice in a large sports cooler (which was another great idea)  and I was set to feed 55 people. Depending on how many people you might be planning for and ages may depend on your meal plan. Other simple crock pot ideas you can use are.

  • Pulled pork (one pork roast can feed up to 20 people, not bad for under $10)
  • Soups
  • Stews
  • Lazy lasagna/Pastas
  • Sloppy Jos
  • Tacos

You get the idea right? It is pretty easy to come up with ideas once you get going. The chili was a huge hit at our party. The hot dogs too, I just cooked more than I figured on. So we are working on eating 3 dozen hot dogs this week. That may be another blog, all the creative ways to eat hot dogs.

Good luck party planning!



About heathereyestone

I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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