My worst day of 2013 – only slightly getting funny now.

Yes I’m back again (maybe, hopefully!). I was having a chat with a friend yesterday, suggesting we should try something together then blog about it each. I started to think wow when was the last time I blogged. I have thought of it here and there at times, usually just deciding not to or getting distracted and forgetting. I am hoping with 2014 on the horizon I can make a fresh start again and get going. I do enjoy this and have had some things I wanted to share. Fate must be on my side though because this morning I woke up to an email from my blog summarizing my year, and despite the fact I only posted 7 new posts I still had over 1900 reads in the year!!!! People are still finding me and enjoying it. So here I go again.

My worst day is not a tragic story, full of heartache or despair. It is more or less the story of the events that happened one day that I really just wanted to back and do over or hit delete on. Hind sight is make the day a little funny, and it does make for a good, yes well one day this happened to me story.

It all started on the day we decided to have a small celebration at Galaxyland for David and Mark’s third birthday. We had simply wanted to take them their so they could ride the rides for free for a little, buy our friends who came and ice cream, take some pictures and then go home. It sounds easy in theory. However we had been potty training David and being that it was new we didn’t want to “confuse him” with pull ups and decided to carry on with underpants. Now being the twin mamma I was I did bring a back pack with 2 changes of undies, a clean pair of pants, and two pull ups for Mark (who had no interest in training). David had been doing really good too, using the potty for pee all the time so long as we took him. 2-3 hours at the mall what could go wrong.

We met up with my two friends and their kids and started with lunch in the food court. All was going well, the kids and adults ate and then after we finished we did a potty break. David was good, he went. Mark I changed because he looked like he needed something a little fresher after school and now having eating lunch. We then trudged onto to the rides. We did a little motorcycle ride first, then headed over to the train ride. We had been on the train and I could smell something. But I also heard some other kids dad asking him if he was tooting. So I just figured it was the other kid. We got off the ride and I started to suspect else where. We headed over the carousel and as we got on I could still smell something and checked David, I couldn’t quite see anything and was just hoping for the best. We hit one more ride, the balloon ride, and it started to get worse. Now some people might be sitting there thinking why don’t you just take him to the potty. We were on a bit of a roll and I didn’t want to stop everyone one 20 minutes into our fun with a potty break, and anyone who knows this place knows the bathrooms are not close to anything. One is back in the food court, the other around the back near the bumper cars. They have a nursing area, but it doesn’t have toilets. Plus most parents know that it is best to wait a few minutes to be sure your kid is done, since I only had a few (what I hoped enough) supplies I waited. We finish our Balloon ride and it turns out it is Mark and David.. I had lucked out and borrowed a diaper off my friend (she only had the one to spare). We head over to the nursing area and this is where I find out I can’t deal with David in here. So I clean up Mark and give him the diaper. Then I take David, we go all the way back through the food court and I deal with what I hoped was finished. This is my first experience having to flush out the undies in the toilet experience and I’m less than thrilled, slightly thankful for the power in the flush. I grumble my way through this and decide that for my sanity I was going to put the last pull up I had on him over his undies to protect his pants. I was surprised they didn’t get anything on them. We get back to our friends, we just get set back up to hit more rides and I start to smell it again! I turn and David has that look in his eyes I check him and sure enough he has filled his drawers again! We race back and I get him cleaned back up. Thankfully the pull up is usable and we keep that on. We head back as everyone is waiting in line for rides.  By now my happiness is starting to turn to anxiety. I can still smell something when we get back so I tell Dave to take him. He rolls his eyes and does as he is told. I’m tired from running back and forth already. He goes off with David. They come back and yep sure enough David went! Dave said he had to use TP since he didn’t take anything with him, tossed the pull up and our son was going commando. Now I’m really not happy. So I pull David over the little nursing area, clean him up better and get him the last pair of undies.

Recap, Both my pull ups are gone, and 2 pairs of undies, with the last on David.

I join everyone again and where they are still waiting to get on the plane ride. I still catch the smell. So we go back to the bathroom to try, nothing. I’m really weary and not having any fun. We go back, our friends are still in line (apparently they waited the whole 30 minutes we had been running around, the ride was really slow and not run well), I look at David he has that funny look, I keep asking him if he has to pee (like I had been for the last 45 minutes), he says pee potty. So off we go again. I’m just worn out. I decide to take him all the way around the carousel, back by the bumper cars so the people in the food court don’t keep getting ideas about this crazy mom running back and forth. We get in there and I sit with him, we wait he pees. So we go back. He looks funny and then says potty. So we race back to that same bathroom. By now I’m nearly in tears, I beg him please just go cause he is still tooting. Nothing so we go back. By now I’m so angry, frustrated and on the edge of losing it. We never have this kind of trouble. Things had been going really well. We were usually a once a day deal and it was good. Today felt like a circus. I get back and Dave says something to me (now I cannot recall), but the tone in his voice sets me off. I go up and down him how I have been cleaning undies out in the toilets, missed out on all the fun. I am so upset. I look over and sure enough David has that look and I check yep he pooped again!!!! I am in tears and my friends console me. This is when they tell me I only missed one ride it took that long for them to get on and now their own kids were getting tired for naps and also needing to get home to meet older kids at bus stops. I apologize for the lack of fun. They assure me they did have fun. One day I will laugh at this memory and we could get together for ice cream later. Dave and I part ways with them we head back to the food court, I clean David up, he is now commando and feel a little more relaxed. I tell Dave I still want an ice cream so we get two sundaes to share with the boys. We eat quick and then as we walk past Pandora I say 5 minutes I really wanted to get a charm with the boys birthstones and I had some birthday money of my own left over. I start to look at the charms with the lady and narrow it down, when suddenly I smell it again and pray not my kid, please not my kid. I turn and see David squatting next to me, filling his pant leg. I get Dave to remove him and I proceed to pay the fastest I ever could. The lady wouldn’t stop talking. I race out and he has the boys sitting on the floor beside the store. He asks me if he thinks what happened did and I say yes. He says we can’t go back into the food court only closer to the van. He picks up David and cradles him in his arms, poop side down. I grab Mark and we bust a move to the bathroom near the Ice Palace. I wait by the family toilets, that say they are busy. Dave takes Mark to get the van and pick us up at the doors there. I wait a little, and it seems to be rush hour in the men’s as they just keep coming by. I hope they don’t smell my son or notice what is now sitting on top his shoe.

I hear the light on the bathroom click off and think maybe it is free, I press the open button (The family bathrooms in WEM are locked and you need to buzz into them), and the door unlocks we go into an empty bathroom. I madly do what I can washing shoes, pants and socks in the toilet. I am so thankful that I still have that one last pair of pants. Surprisingly through all of that the pair he came in held up. I shove everything into my already full plastic bag. Grab my shoeless child and we run as fast as we can to the van. The sooner we get home the better.

We make it to the van and David passes out on the drive. I am thankful to be on the way home. Why all of this happened that day I will never know. Normally I never have to deal with that much poop unless it is both boys. But for one that was strange, we hadn’t eaten anything with Gluten, no illness, he must have just been saving it up.

I would like to say that potty training has gotten better, it hasn’t David still won’t poop on the potty. We try and try and try and nothing. We offer rewards, nothing. He will pee and stays dry all night now too. But my potty training adventures are for another post.

Thankfully we have had no other days like that.

I hope you enjoyed, had a good laugh or even found this story something to relate to.

Happy New Year



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I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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