Loving Sourdough

If you may recall we found out last winter that the boys were intolerant to gluten. We completely removed it from their diets and they have been much better off. I eventually removed gluten from my diet too, figuring it may be causing some difficulties I was having as well, thankfully it has cleared up the problems for me as well and recently I did get confirmation like the boys that my body is intolerant to it as well. So nearly a year living with gluten free bread. It has been as exciting as it sounds. I briefly attempted to make my own and quickly stopped as it didn’t work for me and I already had so many other things I was trying to change for us. 

Anyways this fall I had been doing some reading more into living gluten free and touched on an subject where sour dough can be tolerated by some who couldn’t eat gluten and even those who were celiac. So I did further reserach and even found this tidbit on a celiac website. So even people who had long suffered with gluten could eat this. I talked with my friend Joanna about this thought, as she is also living gluten free and we set out to give it a try. She worked on making the starter and when it was ready gave some to me. One day I will try my hand at that but I haven’t had luck in the past with things like this when it comes to those amish friendship breads and the like so I left it to her, my expert in that area. We both played with a few different recipes for our starters and were both pleasantly surprised to find we could tolerate it. It was such a happy change for us both. I think I ate toast and grilled cheese all weekend when I first made my bread. I hope that by sharing this information though that I’m able to help others like myself and my sons reclaim a little food pleasure. You ask any gluten free person the food they miss the most and either bread or pizza is mentioned (furture post you can use your sour dough starter for pizza dough). 

Sourdough is actually really tasty. It is just as soft and nice as white bread and has a nice crusty outside. My dad recently came to stay and was amazed with it, he really enjoyed how the peanut butter soaked into the nooks and crannies. I find it so flavorful and am so glad to have a nice bread back into my diet. Now please understand I’m not an expert, but based on my research and experience I found this to work for our family. Some people may still have difficulty with it. I am just looking to share what I have learned in hopes it can help others who are in situations like mine. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. 

Here is the link to the sourdough bread I enjoy making. It does require you to start it the night before and let it sit and rise all night then off and on attendance the next day, so be warned it isn’t as easy as putting items in a bread maker, but it is so yummy and worth it. 

Enjoy and look forward to more ideas for using your sourdough starter.



About heathereyestone

I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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